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Since the dawn of time mankind has sought somewhere warm and dry to lay his head and in that respect beds in their very many varied incarnations are a fundamental part of our existence. From the very earliest civilisationswho used animal skins and natural materials to create some form of adequate sleeping area, right up until modern day high-tech ultra-comfortable sleep systems, our basic and fundamental need for a bed in some shape or form, has never changed.

Animals have always made do with whatever shelter might present itself in order to remain safe and secure during the hours of sleep, and our distant ancestors did exactly the same. Protection from our enemies and the cold during periods of slumber has long been an issue of necessity; a simple never ending question of life over death.

And whilst for many, the same still holds true, for most cultures within the western world, we are treated to sleep comfort and bed design with a choice of sleeping solutions like never before. From the straw and feather stuffed mattresses of the 16th and17thcenturies and the grandeur of the nobleman s four poster oak bed, to the wonderful iron and brass bed creations of the influential Victorian era, the bed has evolved in terms of design and diversity to a point where abundance of choice might be our only dilemma.

Whether it s the sleekest nickel and chrome contemporary bed designs that transform a modern metal and glass town apartment bedroom, or reproduction wood and metal bed creations, true to the spirit of their timeless ancestors, we should remember that the bed might just be above all else, that one piece of furniture within our homes that deserves our respect. No other element has the ability to soothe and induce slumber or to offer that little corner of sanctuary within our lives to where we can escape when the pressures of the world become too intrusive.

Metal beds, leather beds, beds that are very low, or beds that scrape the ceiling. Beds that inspire us, beds that push all our romantic buttons or beds that are just plain weird… All are out there, with surely no concept or design that hasn’t been created through plain necessity,on a whim, or as an art form in its own right. We applaud them all…

Let us revere the bed and welcome it in all its very many shapes and guises. As a silent non-complaining loyal friend we take our beds for granted, but then where should we be without it? After all; it s where we almost certainly spendup to third of our lives. Choose wisely, sleep soundly, and live well as a consequence......  cont.........