Frequently Asked Questions


What is the lead time on your beds?

The lead times of our beds depend on a number of factors. If you look at the product page for your country, we mention prices and availability of our products. We also show the stocks we currently have in our warehouses in the UK at the bottom of the product page. If you need to find stock of a particular bed or with a particular criteria then contact us and we can give you a list.

What is the size of your beds?

When we mention the size of a bed as UK Double (4'6") or EU King (180cm x 200cm), these sizes are the size of the standard mattress size for that country/size. The size mentioned always indicates the physical size of the mattress. We modify the size of the bed so that each model will fit that size of standard mattress.

Some, but not all, of our models are available in EU sizes as well. If you want a bed in a EU size please contact us and we'll let you know if we have that particular model in a EU size. If not, we can let you know if we can get a EU size made for you and the costs involved.

Are your beds easy to assemble?

We design our beds to be assembled by our customers, as such, they are relatively straight forward to assemble. However, if you're struggling we are available to help you assemble your bed via the phone and email. When you receive your bed you should receive all parts, tools and instructions to assemble your bed with ease.

What tools do I need for assembly?

You do not need any tools to assemble your bed as we provide all required tools with our beds. An electronic screw driver with compatible bits does make assembly faster, but it is not necessary.


How do you deliver your beds?

Our beds are delivered flat packed via a courier company. Depending on the location we have various services for delivery.

Mainland UK: We have 3 delivery services in mainland UK. The standard delivery promise that we give when you order online is delivery to your door, without assembly.

1) Standard: The standard delivery is via Tuffnells which is a delivery to your door on a specific day without a time slot. It is possible to get next day delivery at no extra charge with this service.

2) Premium (2 man): This slightly upgraded delivery takes about 5 days once dispatched. Our delivery partners get in touch with you once they have your product and give you options for a delivery slot (which is a 3 hour slot on a specific day). You can choose the day and time for your delivery. When your bed is delivered it is taken to a room of your choice but this does not include any assembly services. Next day delivery is not available.

3) Own team: We send our own team to deliver and assemble your bed. We coordinate with you when you are available for delivery and try to fit you into a slot convenient for you. Your bed is taken to your room, assembled and we take away all packaging. Next day delivery is not available and this is usually a more expensive option. Cost depends on your location from our Corby warehouse.

All other destinations: We use TNT to send our beds to all other destinations. TNT do not give a date during delivery and do not give a time slot for delivery either. They usually only deliver to the door of your address. However, TNT does provide a tracking number which is convenient to check when your package will be delivered.

Can you deliver to *insert country name here*?

We deliver around the world, even if your country isn't listed in our international sales page. Please contact us with what you wish to order and your location/address and we will get back with a quotation for what it costs for delivery.

Can I pick a date for delivery?

Mainland UK: If you're ordering from mainland UK we can usually arrange delivery for a particular date for you. You must arrange this with us prior to dispatching your order and we usually only provide delivery during weekdays. It is possible to arrange weekend deliveries in certain locations at an additional cost.

All other destinations: If you're in UK, but not on the mainland or if you're a customer not from UK, then our delivery partners do not have the facility to arrange delivery for a certain date or time.

Do you include an assembly service with your delivery?

Mainland UK: We do have an installation service where our personnel come and install your bed. Please contact us for costs as this varies by postcode. It is important to note that while this is a service we provide, our beds are designed for assembly by the customer and it will be far more cost effective to either assemble yourself or get a local handyman. In most cases it should not take more than 1.5 hours to assemble a bed, with most beds possible to assemble in under an hour for a novice.

All other destinations: We do not provide assembly services outside of the UK.

Iron beds

What is the clearance underneath your iron beds?

The clearance underneath our iron beds depends on what height setting your base frame is installed at. Some of our models only have one of the height settings. You can confirm on each product page which height settings are available.

If your frame is installed at the 17", your mattress will sit at 17" and the clearance underneath the bed would be 15" or ~38cm.

If your frame is installed at the 14", your mattress will sit at 14" and the clearance underneath the bed would be 12" or ~30.5cm.

How do I choose a height setting for your iron beds?

As mentioned in the question about, most of our iron beds are available in 2 height settings, 14" or 17". This means that your mattress will sit on the bed frame 14" or 17" from the floor. You can choose the height setting for your bed at the time of assembly. This can also be changed at a later date.

The product page of our beds will indicate if the bed comes with 2 height settings. If the product page for the model you're interested in does not mention both height settings then your bed will be fixed to only 1 height setting.

Do your iron beds have storage available?

Our iron beds have a large clearance underneath which makes it easy to store items and objects underneath. We also provide underbed drawers which would fit under your bed and slide on rails. They are kept off the floor to make it easier to clean underneath your bed. These drawers are perfect for keeping linens or clothing.

Are your iron beds sturdy?

Yes. We design our iron beds to be strong and sturdy such that they should easily stand up to regular use. We've tested our frames to British standards but they are actually designed to withstand much more. We are confident that you won't have any issues and give a generous 5 year warranty during which time we will sort out most repairs. We also support our beds for much longer, albeit at a small cost.

Do your iron beds have centre support legs?

None of our iron bed frames have support legs in the middle of our support rails. We use thicker pipes to make sure our bed frames can withstand the stresses and strains during regular use. The advantage of not having support legs is that it's easier to use the gap under your bed as storage. Also, over the years these centre support legs usually start giving way and when they do your bed becomes unstable.

Do your iron beds squeak?

No. Our iron beds and metal bed frames are designed to be sturdy, last a long time and should not squeak. We've written more about beds squeaking on our blog. If you do have a bed from us which is squeaking, do get in touch and we'll try and get it sorted for you.

Can I purchase underbed drawers later?

Yes, the underbed drawers for our iron beds can be fitted to your bed at a later date so you do not need to purchase them with your bed. If you have one of our beds and would like storage contact us and we will let you know how to order and fit the drawers.


What firmness are your mattresses?

Our mattresses are made as medium as standard. We can make slightly firmer versions of our mattress on request.

Which firmness mattress do you recommend?

We recommend our medium mattress for most people. However, we do understand that individual needs are different so if you require something different do get in touch with us.

If you're having trouble deciding which mattress to get (including what firmness is correct for you) please read our blog post on how to choose a mattress.

How do I choose a firmness of mattress?

If you want to pick a specific firmness you can contact us before your order. We'll make sure when your order comes in, the correct firmness of mattress is made.

Can I turn my mattress?

Yes, our mattresses are all double sided, i.e. turn mattresses. We believe it makes sense to make fillings on both sides of your mattress so that they last longer and are more durable.