Pastel Bedroom Ideas

Many pastel colours have a soothing and calming effect, making them a perfect choice for bedrooms. Using pastel shades in your bedroom will make the room look fresh and serene, especially when paired with soft furnishing and pastel accessories.

Pastel shades are popular in home decor because they open up the space and help the room appear bigger and brighter. These muted shades are perfect for making your home feel light and airy all year round.

Pastel shades also work well in a wide variety of interiors and can be combined with other tones to create various styles. Let’s take a look at the ways pastels can be used for a perfect bedroom makeover.

Solomon iron bed

bed: Solomon iron bed

What size bed should I get?

There are various mattresses available and choosing the right size can be more difficult than it sounds! Do you need a double or a king mattress if you’re sharing a bed with your partner? Is a single bed the best option for a child?

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about bed sizes, and answer common questions like: “what size bed should I get for my room?” and “what size bed should I get for my teenager?”

Athalone iron bed

Athalone bed

Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and white is a classic colour combination - for a good reason! This timeless palette offers endless possibilities and allows you to create a beautiful bedroom design that reflects your personal style.

Bringing black and white into your bedroom can make a bold statement, but you can easily soften the shades with accessories and pops of colour. The strong neutrals create the perfect backdrop for many different textures and decor styles.

Just look how stunning the Reims bed looks against this white and abstract mural. White helps the room feel serene and a splash of yellow injects a sense of energy and fun into the bedroom space.

Reims four poster iron bed

bed: Reims iron four poster bed

Blue and Pink Bedroom Ideas

With tones from subtle blush to bold fuchsia, pink is a surprisingly versatile colour choice for a bedroom - and it’s definitely not a shade that should be confined to little girls’ rooms. Pink shades create a romantic and relaxing decor and there is a pink-hued bedroom design to suit everyone!

Are you looking for a colour to pair with pink shades? Blue complements pink beautifully and will stop the design from looking too girly or feminine. Whether you choose denim blue, deep navy or pastels, blue will instantly add contrast and freshness to your bedroom decor.

Check out this selection of pink and blue bedroom ideas if you’re looking for inspiration:

Kobe upholstered bed

bed: Kobe upholstered bed

How much should you spend on a mattress?

The average person spends roughly a third of their life sleeping - so it’s crucial that you have a comfortable and supportive bed.

There is a wide variety of mattresses available, from budget options to luxury mattresses. Purchasing a high-quality mattress is a great investment because it will encourage a good sleep routine and give you many years of use.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about mattress costs and answer common questions like: “how much does a mattress cost?” and “what factors influence the price of a mattress?”

Julia bed with Juno mattress

Julia bed with Juno mattress

It’s not always as simple as “the more the better” and mattresses with fewer pocket springs are not automatically cheaper. In this blog, we’ll try to make things clearer by discussing everything you need to know about pocket springs, including what are pocket spring mattresses and how many pocket springs are best.