Mint green bedroom inspiration

Green is the color of growth, color of spring, of renewal and rebirth. It is a restful and quiet color. Symbolizing nature, green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colors that helps us stay calm and refreshed. In fact newer shades of green are trending in fashion and interiors.

Edwardian iron bed in mint green

bed: Edwardian iron bed
colour: Piermint from Little Greene Paint Company
quilt fabric: Marietta Acacia Fabric by Designers Guild

Scandi Style Bedroom Inspiration

Simple clean lines and a neutral color palette characterize Scandinavian interiors. At the same time these rooms look warm and inviting. Hygge (hue-gah) – a feeling of coziness and well being by enjoying the simple things of life is at the very essence of this look. The typical Scandinavian room feels airy and fresh, and prevents a cluttered feel during the long, dark winter. The uncluttered nature and brightness evoke a sense of calm after a stressful day at work.

Ballina iron bed in a scandi room

What is a bedstead or bed frame?

Bedsteads, or bed frames, are the platform onto which you place a base and/or mattress. Usually a bedstead includes a headend, footend and something to connect them. It is possible to use a number of systems to place the mattress onto the bed frame. Often some sort of slat system is used, whether it be sprung slats or flat slats. All bed frames that we sell include a sprung slatted base system.

Olivia iron bed with a slatted bed frame (cutout)

Olivia iron bedstead with slatted frame

Do metal beds squeak?

Properly made and assembled metal beds should not squeak. If you buy a bed frame from a reputed retailer or manufacturer squeaking is not something you should worry about. If the bed does squeak right out of the box or starts to squeak within a year of buying the bed, then you should definitely consider getting in touch with the retailer you bought your bed from to see if they can help you fix your bed.

Solomon iron bed with a slatted bed frame (cutout)

Solomon iron bed with slatted frame

How to make a mood board for your bedroom

It’s one thing to daydream about every beautiful bedroom you see in magazines and advertisements. But committing to memory or jotting down all things wonderful for your bedroom list directly may spell the classic case of too many butlers spoiling the broth.

Moodboard for Athalone Iron Bed in Green Wallpaper: Frutto Proibito by Cole and Son

Your bedroom is your haven – that sacred place you call your own in mind, body and spirit. Whether you intend for a maximalist or minimalist space, you want to harmonise it while retaining your own signature. It is easy to shop too much or too little when you’re putting together a bedroom – whether in a new house or while redecorating. A great way to organise ideas – whether on trend or classic – into your own signature bedroom is to use moodboards. They come in handy to mould your creativity and shape your vision for the perfect space for your repose.

Here’s a lowdown on how you can set out to create moodboards lest your bedroom should run the risk of feeling disconnected, a mere show of the money you spend, or worse still, end up wasting!