Grey and white bedroom ideas

Looking for inspiration for a grey and white bedroom decor? Wondering what colours go with grey and white? Should you go for a black bed or a white bed? Maybe add a yellow element? All of these are valid questions.

Let’s take a look at some grey white bedroom ideas to help solve your queries.

Carrick Iron Bed

bed: Carrick Iron Bed

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

We all know the struggle of purchasing a new mattress very well. Open coil, foam, pocket sprung, latex and even more options to choose from! The type of mattress you decide to buy for your bedroom is a personal choice and depends on a lot of factors like budget, materials used, comfort etc.


Don’t worry though, we are here to make things a bit simpler.

Mustard Bedroom Ideas

Whether it is food or interior design, mustard is ready to spice things up a notch. Unsure about using this gorgeous tone in your bedroom decor? We are here to give you some inspiration to add mustard hues to your bedroom in subtle or exquisite ways. Read on to get inspired with mustard bedroom ideas.

The colour mustard is lively, warm and sunny. It’s a favourite among designers who love to go bold and use it as their anchor colour. Else, mustard can add necessary contrast to a more muted central colour scheme of your bedroom and create a balanced look.

Mustard looks great with a variety of colours, but it is very important to choose the right shades and tones of both mustard and the colour you want to pair it with.

Carrick mustard bed

bed: Carrick Iron Bed

How To Clean A Mattress

Wondering why you are waking up every morning sneezing with a tickle down your throat? There might be a very good reason for this: Your mattress needs some serious cleanup! In this article, we will provide some ways of cleaning your mattresses to keep them clean and free from germs and allergens.


Are metal beds strong?

Metal beds are known for their elegance and versatility. They are extremely popular because there are a wide range of styles and designs you can go for; whether you want a sleek look or an extravagant look for your bedroom. But, while you are about to purchase a metal bed of your liking, a concern hits you: Are metal beds sturdy enough?

In this article, we are going to answer the question of whether metal beds are a good bet in terms of strength.

Hamilton Iron Bed

bed: Hamilton Iron Bed