Red and Grey Bedroom Ideas

Red and Grey, on their own, might present either too bold or too dull a picture to your bedroom’s design. However, combine them, and you get a surprisingly elegant look. This is because grey suppresses red from becoming overpowering. It gives your bedroom a unique, differentiating style. In this article, we shall look at bedroom decor using the red and grey combination. Let’s get into then!

Red is often associated with courage, romance, warmth and energy. It has the longest wavelength of all colours, and thus has the property of making things appear closer than they actually are. This makes it a very attention grabbing colour.

Grey on the other hand, is a colour associated with lack of energy, hibernation, and neutrality.

Carie Iron Bed

bed: Carie Iron Bed

Lilac Bedroom Ideas

Lilac is a soft and pale violet shade that represents tranquility, youthfulness and spirituality. Named after the delicate Lilac flower of the same colour, it also conjures an image of innocence and femininity. Purple dye was quite expensive before 1856, hence only the richest could afford to use lilac. It thus became a colour associated with royalty and wealth.

The recent popularity of Lilac in the fashion industry has trickled down into interior design, and we are not complaining! In this article, we are going to provide inspiration for including this soft shade in your bedroom decor. Sit back, sip your tea and enjoy this quick read on for lilac bedroom ideas!

Waterloo four poster bed in black

bed: Waterloo iron bed

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Sage green bedroom ideas

Sage green is a grey-green colour and is similar in colour to dried sage. Hence, the name sage. Sage green is a earthy green and has a calming and rejuvenating aura to it. Sage green is becoming a popular colour to use as a neutral, but it can be used just as well as a central theme of a bedroom. In this article we’ll share sage green bedroom ideas to inspire your next bedroom (or current one).

Arigna iron bed in white

bed: Arigna iron bed
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Pink and orange bedroom ideas

Pink and orange are not always the most often paired colour combination. They’re close to each other in the colour spectrum so can often feel too much. But, done right they make for a stunning combination for a bedroom, or any other room. They’re both very prominent in nature and often scenes of pink and orange remind us of beautiful warm summer sunset.

Carrick iron bed in white with pink linens

bed: Carrick iron bed