What size is an emperor bed?

Beds come in a range of sizes for a range of purposes. From the single sizes like 90cm x 190cm (a UK Single) to large sizes like the 180cm x 200cm (a UK Super King or Euro King). However, there are a set of bed sizes over the usual sizes around the world catering to extremely large rooms. Examples of these oversized mattresses are the UK Emperor size bed frame or the American Wyoming King size bed (84" x 84").

Comparison of the sizes of the Alaskan King, Wyoming King and Emperor bed sizes

Mattress size comparison of the Alaskan King, Wyoming King and Emperor mattresses

What's the best mattress for back pain?

Some of us are cursed with bad backs. Bad backs can range from a minor annoyance to having a great affect on your mood. Rest is vitally important to living with back pain and healing injuries.

A bad mattress when you have a bad back leads to really bad sleep. Your body doesn’t have time to heal and your mood is bad because of being tired and being in pain from your bad back.

A bad mattress can also make your back worse. We’ve written about mattresses causing bad backs which may give you insight on indentify if you mattress is the issue. A back pain which is a minor annoyance can quickly affect the quality of your life if you have a bad mattress.

Juno pocket sprung mattress collection

So, it’s important to get a good mattress in general but more so if you have a bad back. A good mattress will help manage your bad back, prevent it from deteriorating and make sure you are rested and have the best sleep you can recuperate from your back pain.

So how do you choose a mattress if you have a bad back?

How to clean a metal bed frame?

Many people are often concerned about the proper technique for cleaning an iron bed frame. What products should they use? How often do I clean my metal bed frame? What if you find a mark on your bed frame? We can help with all these questions.

Solomon iron bed in black

How to decorate a small bedroom: tips, tricks and ideas

When you have a small bedroom, or rather any small room, the space constraints are of course the main problems you run into. This leads to two problems. The practical issue of getting all your stuff into the your bedroom.

Arigna iron bed in a small bedroom

Arigna iron bed in a small bedroom

The second issue is the more personal matter of how you bring the space to life, represent who you are and feel comfortable in the space with the constraint of it being small. We need to So let’s see how it’s possible for you to overcome these problems with a small room and make a space that not only makes it easy for you to live in, but you also enjoy living in!

There are many tips, tricks and ideas that can be used for a small bedroom but essentially they do 2 things. Increase space for storage and create a feeling of more space than there is.

How to choose the best mattress?

Mattress buying has always been mired by marketing confusion and it’s not getting any better. There are so many models which are just variations of each other, that it makes it really difficult for a customer to differentiate between them. Each minor variation is a small change in specifications whether it be foam density, fillings, spring count or some other metric like hardness, firmness, softness, gauge, tension, or some other synonym.

Ashley iron bed with pocket sprung mattress

How do you choose a mattress with so much noise out there? Which mattress out of the many is the best? Are all of them good enough with the cheapest option being the best to go with? Or the one sold by the company with the best service?