If you’re confused about how many pocket springs you need in a mattress, you’re not alone! Many people are unsure how many pocket springs they need when purchasing a new sprung mattress, especially when there are so many options available. You might be left wondering “is 1000 pocket springs enough?” and “how many pocket springs is best?”

Tulsk bed with Juno mattress

Tulsk bed with Juno mattress

It’s not always as simple as “the more the better” and mattresses with fewer pocket springs are not automatically cheaper. In this blog, we’ll try to make things clearer by discussing everything you need to know about pocket springs, including what they are and how many pocket springs are best.

What are pocket springs?

In a pocket sprung mattress, individual springs are encased in separate pockets of fabric so they can work independently of each other. This is the opposite of a coil sprung mattress which features one connected spring unit running down the entire length of the mattress.

In a pocket sprung mattress, each spring is connected via their pockets rather than being attached directly to each other. The spring system in a pocket sprung mattress is extremely supportive and adapts to your movements while you sleep. This offers optimal pressure relief and ensures excellent comfort throughout the night.

Pocket spring mattresses offer plenty of advantages when compared to traditional open coil mattresses. If you’ve decided to purchase a pocket sprung mattress, you may be asking “how many pocket springs do I need?” Before we answer this question, we need to look at what a mattress spring count is.

Juno Wool mattress

mattress: Juno Wool pocket sprung mattress with pocket springs shown in layer 5

What is a spring count?

A mattress’s spring count is simply how many pocket springs are in the mattress. This number will be displayed when you are searching for a new pocket sprung mattress online or in-store.

Keep in mind that pocket spring counts are usually based on the number of springs in a king size mattress. A single or double bed may be listed as having 1000 pocket springs, but it will have proportionately less according to its size.

How many pocket springs are in a good mattress?

We often get asked the question “is 1000 springs enough?” and the answer is usually yes. Generally speaking, 1000-1500 pocket springs are considered optimal for a king size mattress. If you choose a pocket sprung mattress with more springs, then you may end up paying significantly more for minimal benefit.

How many pocket springs do you need?

How many pocket springs you need is largely impacted by your budget. If you’re on a really low budget, we would always advise getting the most that you can afford. For a king size mattress, a pocket spring count of between 1000 and 1500 is best.

There is very minimal difference between a king size mattress with 1500 pocket springs and a mattress with a higher spring count, so it’s more cost-effective to stay within this bracket.

We usually recommend keeping the spring count above 1000 springs, but anything over 800 can be sufficient if your budget won’t stretch that far. There are some quality 800 sprung mattresses on the market that still offer good levels of comfort and support.

What is the least amount of pocket springs?

The lowest number of pocket springs you can get in a mattress is 600. We would not recommend buying a 600 pocket sprung mattress as the springs will be significantly larger and less adaptive. This means they offer a lower level of support compared to 1000-2000 pocket spring mattresses.

Juno mattress

Juno pocket sprung mattress

Are more pocket springs better?

More pocket springs does have an impact on your comfort and overall sleep quality within a certain range. A higher spring count allows each section of the spring unit to act independently of each other. This offers more personalised support and ensures optimal comfort and support while you sleep.

That said, these benefits diminish after a certain number of springs because the fillings and pockets start interfering in the transference of movement across the mattress. This is why we recommend a maximum of 1500 springs in most cases.

Many people believe that choosing a mattress with more pocket springs will give them better support, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Some manufacturers are adding as many springs as possible to their mattresses because they know customers view mattresses with a higher spring count as superior.

Tulsk bed with Juno mattress

Athena bed with Juno mattress

If you see a mattress advertised with 2000 or more springs, remember that these springs are likely to be very small and layered on top of each other. In our experience, these smaller springs aren’t as comfortable as the fillings they usually replace. They are also typically more expensive with fewer returns for your money.

The bottom line is that a quality 1000 pocket sprung mattress can be far superior to one that has a 2000 spring count. This may be due to the materials and methods used in construction and the use of innovative technologies such as advanced memory foam. This is why it’s important to choose a reputable manufacturer and seek expert guidance on how many pocket springs are best based on your budget and requirements.

How many pocket springs in a king size mattress?

A king size mattress should ideally have around 1500 springs to offer the ultimate level of comfort and support.

How many pocket springs in a double mattress?

In our experience, 1200-1300 is the ideal number of springs in a double mattress.

Does the number of pocket springs change the firmness of the mattress?

The number of pocket springs has no impact on the firmness of the mattress. For example, a 2000 pocket sprung mattress may feel softer than a 1000 pocket sprung mattress. Several factors can affect the firmness of your mattress including mattress fillings, base materials, and the number of turns in each spring.

Are mattresses with more than 2000 better?

You can get mattresses with 5000, 10000, 20000 and 30000 pocket springs. This is achieved by layering multiple spring units on top of each other. Having tested, sold and experimented with these types of mattresses, we have not found any significant benefits to pocket sprung mattresses with 1500 or more springs.


Shopping for a new mattress can be a daunting process, especially when there are lots of technical terms that you may not understand. What is a pocket sprung mattress? How many pocket springs do I need? How many pocket springs are best?

Hopefully, this guide has answered most of your questions relating to pocket sprung mattresses. You should now be equipped with the knowledge to go mattress shopping and choose the best mattress for your needs. Get in touch if you’re still unsure how many pocket springs you need. Our team is always on hand to offer expert advice and answer any questions you may have.