How often should you turn your mattress?

Mattresses can have a long life if taken care of. Some mattress types like pocket sprung distribute pressure better than others, like open coil, thus having a longer life.

One trick can help extend the life of your mattress across types: Turning & rotating. Before you start feeling that turning and rotating your mattress is another unnecessary addition to your weekend to-do list, let us explain how this 5 minute task can improve the longevity of your mattress. (Spoiler: You don’t have to do it every week!)

Yushan bed with Juno mattress

Yushan bed with Juno original mattress

Sagging: The enemy of good sleep and support

The number one thing we want to avoid is a sagging mattress. It can cause back problems and be an overall uncomfortable experience.

From our article on sagging mattresses

The main cause of sagging is simple wear and repetitive pressure being placed on both the springs and fillings.

The great thing about a turnable mattress is that every few months, you can simply flip your mattress to sleep on the other side, thus spreading the wear and allowing your mattress to keep its shape for longer.

Can you turn & rotate all mattresses?

Not all mattresses are turnable or rotatable, so ensure your mattress is a turn mattress / double sided mattress / flip mattress before flipping it over. If you are going to buy a mattress, this is a good feature to add to your checklist.

How do I know if I have a turnable mattress?

Turnable mattresses have their fillings/cushioning on both sides. So if your mattress feels the same/similar on the top and bottom sides, then it’s turnable. If the mattress has much less filling on one side, then it’s a non turnable mattress.

Can I flip a memory foam mattress?

Some mattresses like memory foam have fillings beneath the only top memory foam layer which cannot be turned.

Can I rotate a zoned mattress?

Some mattresses have “zoned” springs or “zoned” foam which aren’t symmetrical from head to toe and thus not rotatable.

If you turn or rotate such mattresses, you cannot use them to their full advantage and this can actually put pressure on your spinal alignment, thus causing back pain.

Tulsk bed with Juno mattress

Tulsk bed with Juno mattress

How often should you turn your mattress?

There isn’t really a fixed consensus on this topic in the mattress world. However, 3-6 months is the average period range you should aim for, depending on the amount of usage. Example, usually a guest bedroom mattress is not used very often so it doesn’t require frequent turning.

It’s important to be regular and that you stick to your mattress flipping schedule. A mattress flipping schedule just prevents you from forgetting to turn/flip your mattress routinely.

Is flipping your mattress the same as turning your mattress?

Yes, turning and flipping your mattress is one and the same. So the answer to how often should you flip your mattress is the same as how often you should turn your mattress.

Is turning the same as rotating?

No, they are not the same thing. Turning means the top facing side of the mattress is flipped and it becomes the bottom side of the mattress which touches the bed frame surface.

Rotating means you move your mattress 180 degrees from head to toe. Both are good ways to delay sagging, so if you are doing one, don’t forget to do the other!

How to turn your mattress?

Mattresses can be heavy, so it is always a good idea for at least 2 people to do the job.

1) Remove the blankets, pillows and other bedding along with the mattress topper.
2) Clear out the area of the bed like any lamps, bedside tables etc. to avoid knocking things off or hurting yourself.
3) Put the mattress up 90 degrees and vacuum the bed, under the mattress, on the sides etc. (check out our article ‘how to clean your mattress’ for more information)
4) Now just flip the mattress again with the top side put down as the bottom side and vice versa.
5) Don’t forget to rotate the mattress with the head side down at the feet and vice versa.

Juno Cashmere mattress

mattress: Juno Cashmere pocket sprung mattress

These 15 minute tasks can actually make a great difference in extending the life of your mattress and thus saving your money and time! We hope this article answered all your questions related to turning your mattress.

In conclusion, the answer to how often you should turn your mattress isn’t straight forward and can depend on amount of usage and manufacturers recommendations. However, turning your mattress regularly is recommended and can improve the longetivity of your mattress.

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