Juno CashmerePocket Sprung Mattress


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Why us?

  • Hand made in UK
  • Good support with medium tension to suit a majority of people
  • Turnable so you can rotate and flip our mattresses for a more even wear. Less likely to cause dipping which often occurs in non-turn mattresses.

100 Nights Trial

For your peace of mind we've included a 100 nights comfort trial for your mattress. Within this period if you have any doubts with the comfort of your mattress then we'll take it back without hesitation. Our 30 day no questions asked guarantee also applies to our mattresses. It is important to note that we will not accept returns on the 100 nights trial for damaged or stained mattresses but this is covered within the first 30 days.


1) Bamboo: Natural anti-allergen, anti-bacterial/fungal and efficient at absorbing moisture. A bamboo top layer also prevents wool and other fibres from migrating out of the mattress.

2) Cashmere: The softness of silk with the resilience of wool, while more expensive this material is near perfect for mattresses.

3) Cotton & wool: Bonded layers of cotton and wool, a cost effective natural comfort layer that provide optimum comfort, temperature regulation, fire protection and resilience. This deep layer of fibres is very responsive and plays an important role in the support of the mattress.

4) Horse Hair: Extremely resilient with each strand cushioning. Provides excellent support to the sleeper. A perfect companion to the softness of Cashmere.


1500 Pocket springs. Each spring works independently so that one sleeper doesn't affect the other should they move in the night.


We use a 100% cotton fire proofed ticking with a striped pattern.


Small Single (2'6")£899
Single (3'0")£899
Small Double (4'0")£999
Double (4'6")£999
King (5'0")£1099
Super King (6'0")£1199


Small Single (2'6")75cm190cm28cm
Single (3'0")90cm190cm28cm
Small Double (4'0")120cm190cm28cm
Double (4'6")135cm190cm28cm
King (5'0")150cm200cm28cm
Super King (6'0")180cm200cm28cm


Standard delivery times for this product is 3-5 days.
The cost of delivery for each mattress is included in the price of the product.

About our Juno Cashmere mattresses

Cashmere is known for its extreme comfort, warmth, and breathability. Cashmere mattresses are a great option if you are looking for a premium mattress that offers a soft and supportive night’s sleep.

The Juno natural cashmere mattress is made from the best high-quality natural materials and is handmade in the UK. This cashmere pocket sprung mattress will adapt to your body shape, offering exceptional support while you sleep.

The Juno cashmere mattress is available in all standard UK mattress sizes, including a single natural cashmere mattress, double mattress cashmere, and cashmere king mattress.

Get in touch for cashmere mattress prices.