How to get a good nights sleep in the heat or cold?

It’s the middle of the night. You wake up feeling hot and uncomfortable. So, you toss your duvet away, and curl back up. Less than half an hour in and you wake up freezing. You reach the age-old truce and resort to sticking one foot or leg out of the covers, desperately hoping the sweat or shivers won’t return the rest of the night.


After a whole day’s chores, this is the last thing you need your “night life” to be, night after night. Getting a good nights sleep in the heat, or the cold, is essential for your well being. Feeling extremes of hot and cold at night could be because of a number of reasons.

  • It could be night sweats or sleep hyperhidrosis, a serious condition based on health, body type, and age-related reasons. A visit to your physician could help you rule out health-related causes.
  • The benign version could just the common flu or a cold.
  • The thermostat could be set incorrectly. Check your central heating and set the thermostat somewhere between 60 and 72.
  • Incorrect sleepwear could also be an issue. Make sure you’re also wearing comfortable nightwear. Slip into an old cotton tee and boxers or flannel pyjamas.

If none of the above have worked, however, you have covered the entire extent of easy solutions. It’s time to dissect your bedding. We’ll try and help you understand what you need to have a good nights sleep in the heat or the cold.

Natural materials breathe and help regulate temperature

Comfortable sleep is not merely about how many blankets or duvets you use. The fabric of your duvet can be a real devil. If you use duvets whose outer covers or inside layer material comprises a high percentage of synthetic fibre like polyester, then that might the primary reason why you’re breaking into a sweat in the middle of your sweet dreams.


Switch to pure high-thread-count cotton duvets or pure wool blankets to stay cool in bed, if you haven’t already. These are natural materials. They breathe, that is, they absorb any sweat and let it evaporate easily.

Do you have the correct duvet?

Just like every human being is different, duvets too have various categories, or “togs”. Having a duvet with the correct tog to cover you at night is a lot like Goldilocks’ porridge! The tog measures the degree of warmth of your duvet. While there’s no scientific indication on the right tog for your duvet, experts recommend a 13.5 Tog for the winters, and a 4.5 Tog for the hot months.

Short on storage space and budget? A 10.5 Tog duvet should serve your year-round needs just fine. Lean in on your preferences and trust your judgement. You can adjust the warmth with a thin cotton sheet layered inside your duvet. If breathable bedding does not end your woes, proceed to the mattress you use.

Choosing the right duvet can greatly aid in staying cool in bed in summer or staying warm in bed on cold nights.

Which mattress is best for regulating temperature?

Aside from what covers and protects you in your shut-eye time, what supports you is worth considering when dealing with night sweats. When it comes to bedding that breathes, your mattress can help regulate the temperature of your body.

An all-natural material mattress will serve best to regulate your body temperature. If it has layers of wool or a cotton-blend, you’re in safe hands. If you’re on a tight budget, look for a mattress that might have some layers of artificial fibres, however, the layers closest to the outer surface are made of pure wool or pure cotton.


Whether you have it custom-made or pick one up off the market, it is possible for you to reap the benefits of natural fabric without going broke. We’d still insist that you make that long-term investment in an all-natural fibre mattress. Not only would it last you a while, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your sleep and a price that you’ll find extremely reasonable in the long term. After all, who can argue against temperature regulation, uninterrupted slumber, and great quality?

Foam mattresses are very popular these days and have a place in their market. But they’re not the best for when it comes to heat regulation. Even if it’s latex, sleeping hot will be part of the deal. We have a range of natural mattresses in our mattress collection which are designed with temperature regulation in mind. They range from budget friendly to ultra lush, are pocket sprung and use no foam.

Buying a mattress isn’t a quick or easy solution to your problems, and we wouldn’t recommend it as the first thing to try. But now when you’re in the market for a mattress, you’ll know what you look out for. These tips will help you get a better nights sleep in the heat or cold, whatever the temperature.

What mattress ticking is best for heat management?

When you’ve made the investment, taken the pains to find a mattress that is made of all-natural fibres, the last thing you want is for the outermost cover of the mattress to ruin your sleep all over again. The top layer that covers all the fillings and layers you can’t see in your mattress and keeps them in place is the ticking.

If the ticking is made of polyester or any other synthetic material, then all your efforts towards sound sleep will be a dud investment. The ticking must also, therefore, be in natural fabric. The best material for this top layer of your mattress is high breathability natural cotton. All our mattresses are made with a cotton ticking for this exact reason.

Reap the benefits of a temperate nights sleep

Apart from bedding there are other tips that are really useful when trying to regulate the temperature while you sleep. In the heat it’s important to remember to shut all curtains and blinds when you’re not in the room. Keep hydrated at night (and during the day for that matter). Air flow at night works wonders in keeping cool even when it’s very hot. A shower before you go to bed also does wonders to cool you down so that you can fall asleep easily.

In the cold, perhaps have a nice warming green tea before going to bed. Double up on your duvet or blanket if you need to. I find it particularly helpful to wear socks while sleeping on especially cold nights.

At the end of the day, your bed should spell calm sleep all year round. The suggestions we’ve made shall keep you in good stead no matter what time of year. Make the long-term investment in an all-natural fibre mattress. Not only would it last you a while, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the quality of your sleep at a price you won’t regret in the distant future. Heat or cold can keep you from enjoying a good sleep, but the simple tips we’ve given here can keep you comfortable and rested in any temperature.

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