How to decorate your bedroom: A handy checklist

Redecorating your bedroom is always a daunting task. To help you organise your bedroom decoration project we’ve made a checklist covering every aspect of the room. We’ve also taken the help of design experts to to give some tips to help you with your redecoration.

From bed to plants, here is everything you need to know to create the perfect space for your sleep. Based on the below interior designers’ tips we have created this visual to show you what, if following expert’s tips, a bedroom can look like.

Your bedroom is your story

We’ve always thought that the design of one’s bedroom should be the truest reflection of their personality. Your bedroom should be the story of your life, reflect how you feel and express your personality if you are to end with a design that you truly enjoy spending time in.

You shouldn’t be worried about trends but find things you truly enjoy. Whether it be bright colours, pastels, whites and greys, patterns or any other theme you fancy. Get inspiration and try ideas that you enjoy and play with them. Remember your bedroom will keep evolving as you explore what works for you. It’s almost more important to enjoy the process and keep your bedroom evolving with you, than the end product of your redecoration. Live in it, interact with it, love it!

To tell your story, you should pick unique pieces to bring the space to life and make it yours.
Pieces that either have a story of their own or they tell a part of your story makes an authentic interior that is completely unique to you.


Colour affects your mood. Think about how you want to feel rather than colour trends when picking your palette. People shy away from darker tones for fear they will make a room look small, but they also make space feel intimate and sophisticated both desirable bedroom qualities. Or if you’d rather have a space that’s loftier and bright then call for lighter colours with colour pops in accessories bring a fun element. Colour doesn’t have to stop at paint so white walls don’t always mean a white room. Linens, rugs, art and other decorations are very important tools for layering colour just like an oil painting.

Light also affects how we perceive colour. A south-facing room usually has a warm light making colours appear yellower whereas a north-facing room has a cooler blue hue. But remember it’s never ‘just grey’. Using warmer tones for something north facing will balance out the blue and stop it becoming icy cold.

Bed and Mattress

Consider your bed as the focal point of your room. It’s the largest and most important item. Look at giving it pride of place positioning it along the largest solid wall and diagonally across from the door. This way the bed is in a commanding position with a view of the door whilst it’s not wholly visible from the outside looking in. An external wall or window can be prone to draughts and chills which you may want to avoid. And if you have paid a premium for that beautiful view you don’t want to be turning your back on it by putting your bed against it. It may sound obvious but if you are sharing make sure you can get in from both sides of the bed. If it’s all yours then feel free to push it into a corner and create a cosy nook.

To compliment the style of your bed it’s important to choose a correct mattress. It goes without saying you want a good mattress but it’s also important to have a mattress which suits you. Mattresses aren’t one size fits all! The best way to find one for you is to try a number out and don’t hesitate to read reviews and use sleep trials to your advantage. We have a 100 day sleep trial on all our mattresses.

We have a range of beds and mattresses to suit every style and if you don’t find one you like we can also customise our products for your perfect bed and mattress combination.

Underbed storage

With a shortage of space, underbed storage is a must. There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting well proportioned storage, some of which are open completely from one side and will look seamless from the outside. Freestanding beds are no exception when it comes to storage, well proportioned baskets, trunks or crates can be sourced that will slide neatly underneath to be hidden from view. Bed skirts or valances can help hide the mess under your bed.


There are a fair few decisions to make for your walls. Wallpaper or paint? Feature wall or not? Which colours to use? Designs? Wallpaper is quick and an easy way to add complex pattern and colour. The downsides being that they are far more expensive than paint. Paint is usually the cheaper option overall and the range of colours available is immense.

Sam Withers and Amy Brown, the Lead Interior Creatives from Love, focused on everything from flooring to lights.

Curtains and blinds

Curtains will instantaneously add to a feeling of cosiness in the bedroom. In order to create the illusion that your windows are wider than they actually are, you should consider extending the curtain rod past each side of the glass and above the top of the frame. If you have the space, make sure the curtains clear the window to let in as much light as possible. You can get double (or even triple) curtain rods that allow you to play with lighting levels depending on the time of year and how you are feeling. Mix a thin curtain with a black-out alternative so you can let the summer sun stream in the windows but shut out those cold winter nights.

While curtains add character and style to a room, they are expensive and cumbersome to maintain. Blinds are a good cheaper and easier alternative. Blinds should always be well fitted, and there are some really good blackout options out there to help you get a good night’s sleep.


It works well to have multiple lights, think about the power of three, two bedside (lamp pendant or otherwise) and a floor.

Keep things visually interesting and team up your floor lamps and bedside lights where one light should be functional when the other is ambient. If you’re planning on reading before you drift off, then your bedside lights will need to be directional task lighting leaving your floor standing lamp to provide an ambient glow. On the other hand, your reading nook floor lamp can be partnered with ambient bedside lamps.

Your bedside light should be at eye level when sitting so that the bottom of the shade stops the bulb being exposed and blinding at night.


Beautiful flooring has the power to instantly transform any bedroom, there is nothing more comforting than hopping out of bed in the morning and sinking your feet into a cozy carpet.

If you’re looking for a carpet that will not compromise on comfort whilst also boasting great environmental credentials, Sisal and Jual are a great alternative for those looking for something more design-focused yet, will still offer the same luxurious feel as a regular carpet.

Carpets are harder to keep clean, especially with young children and pets. In such instances, timber flooring are ideal and will add an unrivalled warmth to a space, with the added bonus of easy maintenance and upkeep. If you are lucky enough to be laying a new floor and looking for an alternative to traditional herringbone, a chevron pattern is a great option and the perfect way to make a bold statement.


Feature rugs also look great on timber flooring and are perfect for placing under any open bed, this will offer the same comforting effect of a carpet.

You can use a rug to anchor the bed and tie in the rest of the room decor. If you can get around your bed from both sides look at a rug that surrounds the lower two thirds and runs underneath. This way you will have a softer and warmer spot for your feet on a morning as well as creating the illusion of space. Alternatively, use a smaller rug to the side or foot of the bed to even everything out if your bed is off centred.

Wardrobes and dressing tables

Think about creating balance when arranging your room. This doesn’t mean that everything has to run off a central axis with your bed in the middle but positioning all your substantially sized furniture along one wall will really make things feel out of whack. Your dressing table can sit adjacent to or under a window to ensure you have all the natural light you need for getting ready. So then think about offsetting this by putting your wardrobe on the opposite wall.

When it comes to wardrobes, built-in storage is often seen as the most practical choice as it makes the most use of available space and the interiors can be customised to suit your style and shoe requirements!


Ensure you avoid too much clutter in your home. Create a designated area for you to display your favourite reads. This will add a touch of character to your bedroom, but if you have an alcove, a built-in option can utilise this space nicely.


Frameless mirrors can be easily incorporated into storage, this can give the room the illusion of extra space whilst also effectively hiding the furniture behind it. Mirrors can be used similarly to art in regard to creating a focal wall feature, great installations can be created with the use of vintage or diverse mirrors. There are also many contemporary wall hanging options to choose from when it comes to placing a mirror above a feature fireplace or dresser. If the mirror is big enough, you can let it lean against a wall or place it on a ledge or surface to create a relaxed feel.


Positioning plants is generally a compromise between their needs and yours. They need to be as happy in the room as you are. All plants require light just some more than others so if you really want that pot next to your window make sure you pick a leafy friend that likes to soak up the sun! If you have the space, don’t be afraid to go big and sit it on the floor or in a plant stand as this will give the room some height and disrupt the horizontal furniture line running around the room. If you would rather cluster plants together, along with any other props, odd numbers are more visually appealing.


If you are looking to bring your empty walls to life, the placing of an art feature above the bed head will create a central focal point. Surrounding the feature with accent pieces on the perimeter walls will instantly tie in the scheme to create a relaxing retreat. Using picture shelves and utilizing ledge spaces is also an effective way of displaying photos and artwork. Always remember to position your art at a comforting eye level between 145-150cm from the floor.

Photos and Frames

Photos of friends, families and your travels makes your bed room feel more comforting. These can be scattered across the room on your bedside tables, dressing table and any other flat surfaces or you could hang them on your wall. For frames, hanging isn’t the only option, alternative solutions such as pinboards can be used to create an effective feature display.


Candles are a way to instantly create an ambient effect to your bedroom and scented candles will provide a sense of calm and tranquillity. If you have a fireplace, floor-standing candles can be placed on a tiled hearth for a decorative effect. Similarly, if you have a hollow/empty fireplace you can fill the bare space with candles to create an edgy illusion of a fire when lit.

Linen and Throws

According to Harriet Aiken from, you can change the feel of your bedroom by changing your linen to match the season and your mood. It is also often our recommendation when buying expensive pieces like beds to buy a neutral colour and then add layers of colour using linen and art to tailor your room to your personality.

Bed linen made from cotton has a cosy soft feel that will last and if you’re wishing you’d added a splash of pattern, add an on trend printed bed set. Floral patterns can be a light way to enhance a room, while bold coloured stripes can turn your bed into the room’s centrepiece.


Chairs aren’t commonplace in our bedrooms and the obvious reason not to put a chair in your bedroom is because of lack of space. But if you do have the space a chair with a small table can be a helpful addition to a bedroom. Chairs are helpful when getting dressed , putting on make up or as a place to read a book and drink a cup of tea.


We’ve put a list of everything we’ve thought of that you need to figure out when you redecorate your bedroom below.

  • Bed / Mattress
  • Walls
    • Paint / Wallpaper
    • Feature Wall
  • Lighting
    • Wall Lighting
    • Floor Lamps
    • Table Lamps
  • Flooring
    • Wood / Carpeted / Other
    • Rugs
  • Curtains / Blinds
  • Storage
    • Wardrobes
    • Dressing Tables
    • Bedside Tables
    • Underbed Drawers
    • Bookshelves
  • Decoration
    • Plants
    • Mirrors
    • Art
    • Candles
    • Photos / Frames
  • Pillows / Comforter
  • Linens
    • Pillows
    • Pillow Cases
    • Duvet
    • Duvet Cover
    • Bed Sheets
    • Valance / bed skirt
    • Quilt / Throws
  • Chairs / Loveseat / Ottoman

We’ve designed this checklist as a printable image as well. You can either print it from the low resolution image below or sign up to our mailing list for a high resolution image.

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