Pink and orange bedroom ideas

Pink and orange are not always the most often paired colour combination. They’re close to each other in the colour spectrum so can often feel too much. But, done right they make for a stunning combination for a bedroom, or any other room. They’re both very prominent in nature and often scenes of pink and orange remind us of beautiful warm summer sunset.

Carrick iron bed in white with pink linens

bed: Carrick iron bed

Pink and orange bedrooms can look stunning. The orange brings an energy and vibrancy to the table and the pink adds a softness and feminine aura in the mix. They can complement each other so beautifully.

Tulsk iron bed in white with pink and orange linens

bed: Tulsk low footend iron bed

bed category: white bed frame

It’s important to use the right amount of pink and orange when planning a bedroom. When used with careful planning the pinks and oranges can compete with each other for peoples attention. This confuses people’s emotion and can ruin the look of a bedroom.

Daniella bed in orange patterned fabric

bed: Daniella fabric upholstered bed with buttons

Just the right doses of pink and orange, with some pattern and texture give you a very pleasing room. Greys, whites and other neutrals can be used in the mix to fill out the room.

Isabelle cast iron bed

bed: Isabelle iron bed

But there are times when you’re trying to create a bedroom with a lot of fun and vibrancy. In those situations it may be worth letting loose and seeing what you come up with. You may be surprised to create something you really enjoy as a pink and orange bedroom.

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