With tones from vivid fuchsia to pastel blush, pink is a surprisingly versatile colour that will create a pretty and peaceful bedroom decor. Pink is often considered girly, but there are plenty of simple ways to make pink hues look mature and sophisticated.

Looking for a colour that will complement pink tones? Pink and yellow are a match made in heaven! Yellow is a cheerful colour that will refresh your bedroom space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Check out this selection of yellow and pink bedroom ideas if you’re looking for inspiration for your next bedroom makeover.

Carrick iron bed

bed: Carrick iron and brass bed

Pink and yellow paired with grey tones

Pink and yellow are often labelled as sweet or childish, but there are plenty of ways to make these shades look more grown-up. Grey is the perfect shade if you want to tone down feminine or bright colours in your bedroom.

In the example above, you can see how grey walls and accessories have been used to balance pink and yellow elements and create a decor that looks calm and sophisticated. The dusty pink bedding and yellow accessories add a pop of playful colour, but the room remains chic and elegant with the addition of neutral grey tones.

Nocturne painted wood bed

bed: Nocturne Wooden Bed

Dusty pink and mustard yellow bedroom

Dusty pink is the perfect shade if you want to experiment with pink hues but don’t want your bedroom to look too feminine. Dusty pink is a pretty colour that inspires romance without looking overly girly. It pairs particularly well with mustard yellow to create a stylish and soothing bedroom space.

In the dusty pink and mustard yellow bedroom above, you can see how grey and white tones have been used to balance out the brighter hues. These shades have paired beautifully to create a gorgeous interior.

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Blyth brass bed

bed: Blyth Brass Bed

Bright pink balanced with floral patterns

The bedroom pictured above is a beautiful example of how various pink hues can be combined to create a soft and feminine interior. Bold pink furniture and wall panels have been offset with floral patterns and neutral white tones.

Subtle pops of yellow and metallic gold have been added to balance the space and create a beautiful bedroom space.

Daniella upholstered bed

bed: Daniella Upholstered Bed

Fuchsia and mustard colour palette

Mustard yellow and fuchsia pair particularly well if you want to create a pink and yellow bedroom design that is fun but sophisticated. In the example above, vivid fuchsia tones have been introduced into the space along with neutral shades of blush, white and mustard.

The walls have been painted an earthy yellow shade to tone down the decor and create a soothing look and feel.

TIP: Plants can add a natural element and liven up your bedroom space. Did you know that bedroom plants can purify the air and help you sleep better at night?

Pink and yellow bedroom walls

Pink and yellow bedroom walls can make a beautiful statement. However, we suggest choosing a muted shade to stop the space from appearing too bold or intense. Take a look at the example above and below where subtle shades of pink and yellow have been used on the walls.

Selkirk iron bed with brass

bed: Selkirk metal bed frame

Why we love a pink and yellow bedroom

Pink and yellow pair together beautifully and they don’t have to look overly cute or childish. These versatile shades come in a wide variety of hues - from pale rose to vivid fuschia and pastel lemon to mustard yellow. There is a pink and yellow bedroom design to suit everyone!

We hope these yellow and pink bedroom ideas will help you design an inviting and stylish bedroom that you love.

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