Peach, not quite pink and not quite orange. It’s somewhere in between. Soothing and pleasant to look at. Soft and feminine. Peach pairs well with a lot of different colours and shades, so it’s not difficult to use in a bedroom. Peach works best with other warm tones that bring out it’s best.

Tiffany bed with peach linens

bed: Tiffany iron bed with peach linens

Peach is a pastel colour that can be combined with many other colours. It best agrees with other pastel colours and shades. It also balances with cooler tones and it brings neutrals to life.

Tiffany bed with peach linens

bed: Yushan upholstered fabric bed in peach

Peach has a soft and soothing energy and is associated with childhood and youth, as well as love and acceptance. It creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in a bedroom room. The soft peach tones add a sense of romance to the room.

Peaches and cream is a classic combination. Both light and dark peach colours pair with white, beige, eggshell, and oatmeal shades.

Okawa bed with peach wall

bed: Okawa wood bed in dark cherry

You could layer it with other complementary tones such as coral orange, pink, apricot, terracotta and warm yellow.

Creating contrast can bring a room into life. Using dark grey or black details and accessories with peach will create a bold and dramatic effect.

Tiffany iron bed in black with peach linens

bed: Tiffany iron bed in black shown in a peach and grey bedroom theme

The sharpness of the black will be balanced by the softness of the peach so the overall look will end up being modern and edgy yet not too overwhelming.

Misaki bed with peach wall

bed: Misaki painted wood bed with a peach panelled wall

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