Dutch blue bedroom ideas

We love blues, we love greys. In our colour research we came across a spotlight post by ColourHive on Dutch Blue. Dutch blue is a traditional mix of grey and blue. A colour which works as a good cool neutral. It could be used as a colour to tie in brighter complimentary colours or in a room full of pastels.

With this inspiration, we’ve designed a few bedrooms which should give you dutch blue bedroom ideas to help you incorporate dutch blue into your bedroom.

bed: Yushan deep buttoned upholstered bed in a blue grey fabric
wallpaper: Kit Kemp Collection Psycho Sprig Tropical Blue from Andrew Martin
cushion: Indus Multi fabric from Andrew Martin

bed: Pellini iron bed in a blue grey paint
wallpaper: Aurora from The Pearwood Collection from Cole & Son

bed: Churchill four poster wooden bed painted in white
wallpaper: Kit Kemp Wychwood Happy Blue from Andrew Martin
linen: Kit Kemp Friendly Folk Happy Blue from Andrew Martin

bed: Ardo metal bed in grey
wall: Blue fading to grey

bed: Glenholm iron bed in grey with brass finials
wall: Blue grey colour

bed: Single Selkirk iron bed in a greyish blue with brass finials
wallpaper mural: Villanova

Valspar paints has a Dutch Blue paint but you can find similar paints from other manufacturers here: Paints similar to Dutch Blue. Farrow & Ball have Lulworth Blue which is also similar.

We can colour match our metal beds and wooden beds to a colour of your choice so if you fancy a Dutch Blue bed, or any other colour please do get in touch with us.

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