Pink, the colour of love, is a very popular colour for bedrooms. The various shades of pink can change the feel of a room, from a girl’s teenage dream room, a romantic room to even a sophisticated bedroom.

Grey is a good companion to most colours and works well around the room to prevent it from getting overwhelmed with colour. Grey bedrooms have a sense of balance and neutrality that is perfect for relaxation.

Let’s look at some ways of using grey and pink shades to create a modern or bright bedroom interior to suit your palette.


Bright pink brightens a room and adding greys break the large block of bright pink to prevent it from overpowering the room. Like a bright pink room with grey linens, a black metal bed or an upholstered bed with complementary colours & patterns.

Alva bed in black, with a bright pink wall and grey linens

bed: Alva iron bed


More muted pinks, like blush pink, millennial pink or peach are also popular colours. Patterned wallpapers with a stylish iron bed painted in a pink hue can do wonders.

Ballina iron bed in pink

bed: Ballina iron bed

A wall painted a muted pastel pink makes for a soothing room. A pure brass bed adds a pop of a gold colour and the grey-green linens work to balance the room without letting the pink or the yellow of the brass take over the room. The hints of blue-ish grey in the lamps and the skirting of the room adds just a little bit of contrast. Introducing greys/white through subtle elements like a lamp or pillows can make your bedroom lively.

Boyne brass bed in a pink bedroom

bed: Boyne brass bed

Nocturne bed in white

bed: Nocturne painted wood bed


Sometimes, even with lots of pink, the whole room doesn’t become “too much”. A bedroom full of pastel pinks with small bits of whites and greys find perfect balance without too much effort.

Julia bed in white with blush pink linens

bed: Julia iron bed

Our final room shows the use of different hues of pink, with a nice and bright pink coloured iron bed frame and lighter shades of pink for the dressing tables. The dark grey of the linens and the lamps (almost green in the case of the lamps) add contrast to the room. The light grey wall brings the whole scene together.

Virginia bed in bright pink

bed: Virginia iron bed

An interesting fact about pink, it’s named after a flower of the same name, dianthus plumarius. In many other languages, the word for pink is based on the word Rose. For example, rosa in Latin/Spanish/German or गुलाबी (gulābee) in Hindi.

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