Navy blue is a dark blue that got it’s name from the dark blue uniforms worn by the Royal Navy. Navy blue is the colour of a dark night sky and makes people feel more comfortable while going to sleep.

Paris iron bed in light blue with Navy blue walls

bed: Paris iron bed

The other way to go is to lean into the dark navy blue and have a navy blue wall and some navy blue on your bed too. For some this may be too daunting but if you’re confident and know you’ll love your bed room in a navy blue, this type of bedroom may be for you.

Reims iron bed in black in a Navy blue bedroom

bed: Reims four poster iron bed
bed category: four poster beds

If you’re not confident enough to use navy blue as a wall colour, getting a navy blue iron bed frame can add that dash of colour.

Hamilton cast iron bed in Navy Blue

bed: Hamilton iron bed in navy blue

Navy blues also work very well with greys and whites. The larger blocks of a panelled navy blue bed with white walls and grey linens can bring an air of freshness to a bedroom.

Marbella low footend wood bed in navy blue

bed: Marbella wood bed

Navy blue is also a very good bedroom for a child’s bedroom. You can use white beds with accents of navy blue in your linens and wallpaper.

Timolin single bed in white

bed: Timolin iron bed
bed category: white bed frame

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