Geometric bedroom ideas

Modern & simple, geometric designs and patterns on walls are very popular at the moment. They could be painted or could be added as a wallpaper. The geometric patterns can be in a number of colour pallettes like monochrome, pastels or bright punchy colours. There are many ways you can go about adding a geometric flair to your bedroom and we’ll show you a few ideas of what you can do.

Camolin bed in black

bed: Camolin cast iron bed with brass

bed category: black bed frame

This monochrome bedroom has a panelled grey wall with the inset portions wallpapered in a black and white geometric patterns.

If you have some wallpaper remaining from another room or can get some offcuts/scraps this can be a nice way to add pattern to a bedroom. Some geometric wallpapered bedrooms can be overwhelm by a full wall of pattern, so this is a nice way to add just a tiny bit of pattern.

A bedroom with geometric wall paint is also very appealing. The process of masking and painting sections of wall in a pattern isn’t much more difficult than painting your room a single colour and can be a rewarding experience. There are quite a few guides and videos on how to do this, like this one.

Claudia iron bed in white

bed: Claudia iron bed

More complicated geometric patterns can also be used quite successfully as wallpapers, if you tend to like more busy spaces.

Blyth brass bed

bed: Blyth brass bed

In the bedroom below, we’ve used a simple geometric pattern which repeats quite pleasantly. The white and peachy orange make a great colour combination in the bedroom.

Selkirk single iron bed in white

bed: Selkirk iron bed

Lastly, we have a panelled bedroom with an inset wall which has been wallpapered in a geometric pattern. The colours used are muted browns, whites and greys with pops of pink and green.

Edwardian cast iron bed in white

bed: Edwardian iron bed

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