Facts about pocket spring mattresses: Myths debunked

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Hello mattress buyers! We all want to get the best bang for our buck. Buying a pocket sprung mattress is no different. But we also don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of time picking up bits of information from different sites and forgetting half of them in the meantime.

This is exactly why we have curated some important mattress myths and facts about pocket sprung mattresses. To make it a quick yet interesting read, we have included some cool facts as well. Enjoy a cup of tea while you are at it!

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MYTH 1: Pocket sprung mattresses aren’t good for your back


The individual springs mean that the pocket spring mattress contours according to different pressure points on your body, giving adequate support to each part of the body as you sleep. People with back and joint pain can sleep comfortably on a pocket sprung mattress.

Read our blog post on what is a pocket spring mattress for more information.


Heinrich Westphal, the inventor of innerspring mattresses wasn’t able to profit off of his invention in his lifetime and died in poverty.

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MYTH 2: Pocket spring mattresses are noisy


A good quality pocket spring mattress doesn’t make any noise as a general rule of thumb. If your mattress is making any noise after prolonged use, it might be time to change it.


Mattresses end up weighing more at the end of their lives than when you start using them. The reason is a buildup of dust, sweat, and dead skin.

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MYTH 3: Pocket spring mattresses are expensive


  • Pocket sprung mattresses, like any other type of mattress, have a whole set of price points ranging from affordable to expensive. The price depends on the quality of materials used, spring count, quality of springs, size etc.
  • Realistically your budget can range from anywhere between £250 to £5000 depending on your specification. The comfort fillings used can be man made foams and fibres or more expensive fully natural fillings.


Mattress dominoes is actually a world record category in the Guinness book of world records. It includes people lining up with mattresses and tipping them as dominoes.

The current world record is 2019 mattresses in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil set in 2019! How cool is that?

Mattress dominoes

MYTH 4: Buying a pocket sprung mattress online means the quality of product you receive is up to luck


  • This myth, we understand, is quite a deterrent for people who want to purchase a pocket sprung mattress online conveniently from their homes. Even a visit to a showroom doesn’t guarantee you get the feel of the mattress.
  • This is why it is important to find a pocket sprung mattress with a generous trial period. This ensures your body gets the time to get comfortable with the pocket sprung mattress and find if it is causing any discomfort, in which case you can safely return or replace it.


The oldest known mattress is 77,000 years old and was found in South Africa. It was made of plants and showed burn marks, supposedly to get rid of pests.

MYTH 5: The higher the mattress spring count, the better the pocket spring mattress


  • This myth does have a hint of truth to it. Mattress spring count does determine if a pocket sprung mattress is of good quality and high durability. The more the springs the more independently each point in the mattress conforms to your body.
  • However, after a certain number of springs, increasing the number of springs doesn’t have much effect. In our comfort and support tests, anything over 1500 springs didn’t show any measurable difference.
  • 1000-1500 springs is what we recommend for your pocket spring mattress.

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The largest mattress on the largest bed measures 26.5 m long and 16.44 m created in the Netherlands. That’s a dream bed for a pillow fight party!

MYTH 6: You should always replace your mattress after 8 years


We don’t blame you for falling for this myth. It is often quoted across the mattress world that 8 years (or 10 or 12 for that matter) is the lifespan of a mattress & you should get a new one after that.

The truth is, depending on factors like quality, type, price, brand etc. the lifespan can vary significantly. So, there isn’t a fixed ‘deadline’ for your mattress.

If you take adequate care of your mattress & keep it in good condition, you can use it well beyond the manufacturer quoted period. Keep your mattress as long as it’s comfortable.


Mattresses can actually be recycled. There are various organisations & communities that you can contact to get your mattress recycled. Some even pick up the mattress from you! They are practically a google search away!

Reuse, reduce, recycle

MYTH 7: Orthopedic Mattresses are best for your spine and prevent body pain.


This is bound to raise some eyebrows, after all its purpose is in its name? Let us explain.

Orthopedic mattresses are technically any mattress which is good your spine alignment and relief pressure on your body parts.

But, here’s the catch: there isn’t any standard regulation or rule that defines what ‘orthopedic’ means. And often it’s used as a nomiker for a manufacturers hardest mattress.

This means mattresses which do not necessarily provide comfort to the spine or are bad quality products could still be labelled ‘orthopedic’. There are plenty of mattresses like pocket sprung, memory foam etc. that can work well for back pain relief.

Find a mattress that best fits your needs instead of simply purchasing one because it is labelled ‘orthopedic’.

Juno pocket spring mattress

mattress: Juno Cashmere pocket sprung

We hope we were able to help bust some mattress myths going around in the pocket sprung mattress world.

If you have any questions, you can refer to our other blog article on what is a pocket sprung mattresses which has more detailed information. Or you can simply give us a ring at 0800 4640875 or mail us at sales@obc-uk.net.

Check out our range of Juno pocket sprung mattresses, designed with comfort, durability and affordability in mind.

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