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Oceanic blues in the bedroom

For those seeking to bring the calming essence of the seas into their home, an ocean blue bedroom can be the perfect retreat. The vastness, beauty and soothing colours that the ocean offers from the palest turquoise to the deepest…

Teal bedroom ideas

Transform your bedroom with inspiring teal bedroom ideas for a serene retreat

Stunning royal blue bedroom ideas

Royal blue is a regal shade that is often associated with the British royal family. This timeless colour is a great choice for bedrooms as it looks stylish and elegant and can also make rooms appear more spacious. It is…

Blue and pink bedroom ideas

Check out these beautiful pink and blue bedroom ideas to freshen up your interiors and create a beautiful, feminine space.

Blue and gold bedroom ideas

Blue and gold bedroom ideas from our designers to inspire your bedroom designs and help you create a moodboard.

Navy blue bedroom inspiration

Dark colour bedrooms can be daunting, but we give some ideas & inspiration for designing a navy blue bedroom.

Dutch blue bedroom ideas

We love blues, we love greys. A showcase of bedrooms inspired but Dutch Blue, a greyish tinted blue. Featuring metal beds, upholstered beds and wooden beds by The Original Bed Co.