Lilac is a soft and pale violet shade that represents tranquility, youthfulness and spirituality. Named after the delicate Lilac flower of the same colour, it also conjures an image of innocence and femininity. Purple dye was quite expensive before 1856, hence only the richest could afford to use lilac. It thus became a colour associated with royalty and wealth.

The recent popularity of Lilac in the fashion industry has trickled down into interior design, and we are not complaining! In this article, we are going to provide inspiration for including this soft shade in your bedroom decor. Sit back, sip your tea and enjoy this quick read on for lilac bedroom ideas!

Waterloo four poster bed in black

bed: Waterloo iron bed

Greys which have undertones of blue, green or purple make a perfect match for lilac. Lilac also has a grey undertone. This combination works really well for modern or contemporary interiors. Soft yellow accessories like golden knobs, lamps, beddings etc. can add brightness to lilac interiors and give a spring or summer look.

Clarina iron bed in Lilac

bed: Clarina iron bed

White or beige with lilac is another combination that provides a sense of tranquility to your bedroom. They provide cool therapy to your mind. Another advantage is that they make your room look more spacious.

Olivia iron bed in white

bed: Olivia iron bed

Green and Lilac provide a natural and refreshing look to your bedroom. Sage green and lilac have a soothing look and complement each other really well. Floral pattern accents with the interplay of white, lilac, green and the presence of small brown elements work beautifully. You will fall into a good night’s sleep quickly with these relaxing colours.

Lide upholstered bed in lilac

bed: Lide upholstered bed

Black bed frames or small accent pieces can create an interesting dynamic effect on a general lilac background. Black provides much needed contrast to the muted nature of lilac and helps it pop out. One point to remember is that black should be used in such a way that it adds to lilac’s softness and not completely takeover.

Athalone iron bed in black

bed: Athalone iron bed

The innate calming nature of lilac makes it as popular as it is, be it in interior design or fashion. These are just some of the ways you can use lilac to create a gorgeous bedroom. For more inspirations on other colour palettes, check out the other articles in our blog.

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