Purple bedroom ideas

Purple offers a wide range of shades from soft lilacs to deep plums. Lighter shades are able to create a serene and calming space where as deeper tones bring a sense of luxury and drama. It is important to think of the tone of purple that you choose to pair with other colours as this will determine the mood that you set for your bedroom.

Modern, sophisticated, elegant

A blend of modern sophistication and elegance that balances cool greys with the warmth of purple hues.

Claudia iron bed frame

Contrasting colours

Soft purples look great with greys, with added accents of yellow to provide a much needed contrast.

Timolin iron bed frame

A luxurious feeling

A dark purple bedroom can exude a sense of luxury and depth, offering a cozy and regal atmosphere. Although partnered with a contrasting colour deep purple tones remain the centerpiece of the décor.

Athena iron bed frame

Be bold and striking

Combine the dramatic flair of black with the richness of purple, to create a bold, contemporary space that both bold and striking.

Waterloo iron upholstered bed frame

Soothing tones blended with a natural essence

Pairing these colours together can offer a vibrant and refreshing ambiance, where the cool soothing tones of purple harmoniously blend with the lively, natural essence of green.

Claudia iron bed frame

Final thoughts

Purple bedrooms can cater for a variety of tastes from subtle to bold. It is important that complementary colours and shades are balanced well with your chosen purple to create a cohesive and inviting bedroom. Our blog on lilac bedroom ideas shows you how one specific shade of purple can give your bedroom bundles of possiblities.

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