A moderate approach to pink

The real world takes a far more moderate approach towards pink interiors favoring soft blush, rosey reddish pinks and cheerful pink accents. A modern, traditional or eclectic style can have pink incorporated into the space whether subtle blushes or vibrant fuchsias.

Subtle and sophisticated

Muted pink walls can create a soft, restful ambience and doesn’t jump out at you which is ideal for a bedroom. Allowing other elements to lift the vibrancy of the room.

Vibrant and bold

Adding doses of pink across your bedroom can be good way to elevate a neutral bedroom.

Swap out for dusty pink

Dusty pink incorporates other elements within the room whilst being able to hold it’s own within a space, which creates a perfect balance.

Modern minimalism

Encompass sleek furniture and minimalistic design to achieve a contemporary design.


Pink is a versatile colour that can cater to various tastes and styles. A moderate approach to pink is what most of us would consider despite this years popularity with the Barbie movie which does not shy away from the bolder side of pink. For a bedroom it is important to create a calmer environment as too much intense colour can overwhelm a space there these subtle touches of pink are ideal.

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