How to combine vintage and modern design

Imagine walking into a space that effortlessly merges vintage charm with the sleek sophistication of the present. Charlie Galsworthy who specialises in interior design gives us expert advice on how to achieve the ideal balance of vintage and modern design.

Modern vintage interior design

Modern vintage interior design is the art of seamlessly blending antique and contemporary elements. It’s about finding the perfect balance and creating an entirely fresh design concept that captures the essence of both eras.

How to modernise a vintage house?

If you’re lucky enough to own a vintage house brimming with character, modernising it without losing its essence can be an exciting challenge. 

Charlie suggests ‘bringing in lighter colours, such as beige and white. These colours weren’t used much in the older times so painting or bringing in brighter patterns and pieces can modernise any space’.

Following on, preserving the architectural features that define the space, such as ornate mouldings, fireplaces, or original hardwood floors. Then, introduce contemporary elements like minimalistic furniture and clean lines to create a compelling contrast.

Contemporary furniture

Contemporary furniture is at the heart of modern design. Opt for pieces with clean, simple lines and a neutral colour palette. 

In modern vintage design, these pieces can act as a canvas, allowing more intricate decor items to shine. Picture a classic Victorian chaise lounge sitting alongside a sleek, monochromatic sofa – it’s a marriage of elegance and modernity that can redefine your living space.

How to add a vintage touch to a modern house?

Charlie says ‘you can bring in older pieces, such as accessories or books and ornaments or old photos or prints, or even old lamps and lights’. It is important to balance vintage with modern as Charlie explains ‘it’s important to have a mix of both sometimes everything can be too bright and clean’.


An intricately designed vintage rug can instantly transport a modern room into a realm of vintage allure. Antique rugs typically feature rich colours and patterns that will draw the eye and create a stunning focal point in your room. 

Light fixtures

Lighting is crucial in interior design and plays a key role in creating ambience. Choose chandeliers or pendant lights with a vintage-inspired design to hang above your contemporary dining table.


From ancient Egyptian drawings and Roman sculptures to abstract paintings and Pop Art – art tells a story that spans eras. Try hanging vintage paintings or prints alongside modern art pieces to create a visually engaging gallery.

Final thoughts

Combining vintage and modern design is like weaving a tapestry of time. It’s about taking the best of both eras and designing a space that resonates with your unique style and personality. 

It’s about finding the sweet spot where these contrasting styles blend harmoniously. So, whether you’re modernising a vintage house or adding vintage charm to a modern one, let your creativity run wild and create a unique space that is both timeless and innovative.

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