How to choose your OBC mattress?

Getting the right mattress is important for a good night’s sleep, and the process can be a daunting one. We’re here to help though, and are confident that one of the 5 mattresses in our Juno range will be able to meet your particular needs. Should you purchase one and they don’t, we offer a genuine hassle free 100 night sleep trial with full refund.

What to consider in your mattress search?

Will the mattress offer enough support?

A good quality pocket spring unit is important for this, and our mattresses offer exactly that.  The main benefit of pocket springs are that each spring works individually to conform to and support your body, and ensure movement by one sleeper, won’t be felt by the other person in the bed.  The fact that not all springs are being used all of the time also improves their longevity.

In terms of the ideal number of pocket springs, you’ll see a lot of marketing advertising astronomical spring counts, but our extensive testing has shown 1500 to be optimal, without breaking the bank. In fact, it can often be the case that cramming too many springs in can actually make a mattress more uncomfortable.  We include a 1500 nested pocket spring unit in all of our mattresses, so no matter which one you opt for you can be assured your body will be well supported during the night.

What fillings are included?

Whilst the springs provide the support, the fillings which sit above them provide the comfort.  These fillings can either be man made fibres, or natural fibres such as cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, and horse hair.  Different fillings have their own unique benefits and are included for different reasons.  We’ll go into more detail on this below.

What ticking is included?

The ticking is the fabric used to keep the fillings in place, and is ultimately the part of the mattress you will be in closest contact with.  All of our mattresses include a pure cotton ticking, with playful traditional stripes.  The advantage of cotton is that it is gentle on the skin, and wicks away excess moisture, keeping you dry whilst you sleep.

What is my budget?

  We appreciate that our customer’s have varying budgets, and we have a mattress to suit most.  And as we make them ourselves and sell them directly, we are also able to offer each model at great value.  We simply don’t make bad mattresses, and describe our Juno range as offering good, better, or best of comfort.  

What are my rights?

When buying online it’s important to be able to send a mattress back if it isn’t quite right for you.  We offer a no quibbles 100 night return policy.  We would always recommend being weary of mattress suppliers who do not offer some form of trial period.  Similarly, a mattress should have a warranty that covers against manufacturing defects for a notable time period.  At the Original Bed Company, all our mattresses include a 5 year warranty.

The Juno Range

Juno Original

Starting at £399, our Juno Original pocket sprung mattress is budget-friendly, whilst still offering good comfort and support. Still incorporating a high quality 1500 nested spring unit, the main saving comes from including man made soft white fibre for the comfort layers.  Man made fibres aren’t all bad, they just don’t have the resilience and temperature regulating qualities of natural fibres.

Juno Cotton

Our Juno Cotton is extremely popular, and offers the best of both worlds.  The comfort layer above the springs is man made fibre, with two layers of natural wool and cotton laid above.  The natural layers are closest to your skin to help regulate temperature and whisky away moisture. The Juno Cotton starts from £449 which is great value.

Juno Wool

The Juno wool is another extremely popular mattress, and offers all natural fillings without breaking the bank (starting at £549).  Various layers of cotton and wool provide comfort, temperature regulation, and resilience. These deep layers of fibres are very responsive and play an important role in the support offered by the mattress, along with the springs.  The internal fillings are finished off with a layer of fine bamboo fibres. This is naturally anti-allergen, anti-bacterial/fungal, and is extremely efficient at absorbing moisture.  All of these benefits come together to give a great night’s sleep, every night.

Juno silk

The Juno Silk  could be considered the first of our more luxury mattresses. A step up from the Juno Wool, it includes a sumptuous layer of silk.  This silk is a soothing and breathable material and silk mattresses are well known to offer an indulgent night’s sleep.  We would confidently put this mattress up against many of the Luxury brands out there.  Starting at £699 it’s great value for what you get.  

Juno Cashmere

Our most luxurious mattress is the Juno Cashmere.  Known for its extreme comfort, warmth, and breathability Cashmere is a superb filling for any mattress. We also include a layer of horse hair, which has been used in the industry from time and memorial.  This is due to its fantastic resilience and breathability.  One thing to note is that this  robust resilient material does make the mattress feel ever so slightly firmer than our other models.  So, if it’s a softer feel you would like, whilst still being well supported, the Juno Silk may be better for you.   If a slightly firmer level of opulence is more your thing, you can’t go wrong with the Juno Cashmere, starting at £899.

Final thoughts

There really is something for everyone in our Juno range, and we’re so confident in their performance that we’re more than happy to offer a 100 nights sleep trial. Explore our Juno range now.

Should you have any queries that aren’t covered here, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 4640875, or email us (