Do I need a feature wall?

When decorating or redesigning an interior space, one of the popular concepts that often pops up is the feature wall or accent wall. It’s a design choice that makes one wall stand out from the others in a room by using a distinct colour, texture, pattern, or artwork. Although the outcome of a feature wall has the potential to be stunning, it may also not be what the room needs.

What is a feature wall?

A feature wall can be used to define and accentuate a specific area of your room. A design choice that makes one wall stand out from others in a room using a distinct colour, texture, pattern or artwork. Utilizing a feature wall can introduce dimension and depth, can give your room a focal point and is an effective way of changing your room’s interior.

The benefits of a feature wall

  • Adding a focal point: The primary purpose of a feature wall is to break the monotony and inject a touch of character into the room.
  • Design flexibility: If you grow tired of it or trends change, it’s relatively simple to repaint or redecorate.
  • Create a visual divider: Feature walls can help to define different areas or zones within a space without physical barriers

The downsides of a feature wall

  • Can feel out of place: If the feature wall isn’t integrated well with the rest of the room’s design it can look disjointed.
  • Overwhelming in small spaces: A very bold feature wall can make the space feel more cramped especially in a smaller room.
  • Using a feature wall in several rooms: This can make the design feel repetitive and lose its unique appeal.

Feature wall ideas

Take some inspiration from these feature wall ideas and see if something similar could work in your home.

Feature walls in the bedroom

Do you need a feature wall?

Ultimately deciding whether you need a feature wall comes down to personal preference. Adding a feature should be for a reason as it will become the focal point of the room. Which wall should be the feature wall? Add it to the wall that you want the eye to be drawn to such as the headboard in the bedroom.

Final thoughts

Feature walls can offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase creativity and add a unique touch to your home however don’t need to be for everyone or every room. It is important to think about whether this design choice adds your personal style to the room and whether it suites the functionality of the room.