How to choose a rug for the bedroom with Knots Rugs?

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom can be difficult with the large array of colours, materials and sizes. However, the outcome can elevate the ambiance and overall aesthetic of the room, it can be the final piece of the puzzle to bring the jigsaw of your bedroom design together. With expert advice from Knots Rugs covering every corner of what you need to know, you’ll be more confident and assured in what rug to choose for your bedroom.

Choosing the right size rug

According to Knots Rugs, ‘A larger rug can help define a space in a room, framing the space rather than having to do it with furniture that will add to the clutter. Smaller rugs, in between furniture, can tend to make the room look smaller unless used as little statement pieces to accent colour or point of interest in the room, rather than being a central feature’.

Bed SizeRug Size
Double (53″ x 75″)6′ x 9′
Queen (60″ x 80″)8′ x 10′
King (76″ x 80″)9′ x 12′

Large rugs

These can be placed under the bed and extend beyond on all sides by a few feet, ideally 18 – 24 inches. Providing a comfortable landing for your feet in the morning. If there is also a bench at the foot of your bed, the rug should extend beyond this.


If a large rug is too over powering then runners can be a great option for giving a touch of warmth and style without overwhelming the space. These can be placed either side of the bed making sure they don’t go past the foot of the bed.

Choosing the rug material

Knots Rugs explains, ‘Yes, absolutely you should always try to use high quality natural fibres as these are the easiest to clean and the rug will last the longest. Man made fibres absorb stains into the fibres and are impossible to clean, invest in quality for longevity’.

Different materials serve different purposes so it is a good idea to think carefully about who and how the rug will be used. The best rugs will prioritise comfort and your own personal style. Wool and polypropylene are both hard – wearing, durable and soft rug materials which are perfect for this setting. Synthetics rugs are stain – resistant and budget – friendly whilst natural fiber rugs offer a unique, organic texture but can feel rougher underfoot.

Patterns and colours

‘Depends on what is going on in the rest of the room. If there is extensive pattern in wall papers or cushions or curtains go for a more solid colour. However, if you love pattern and being bold, go for it!’ says Knots Rugs

The choice of pattern and colour for your rug is determined by the bedroom décor. Create some contrast between your rug and the rest of the décor. Bedroom décor with solid colours should be matched with a patterned rug to add visual effect.

Where as a solid rug should compliment a more busy bedroom décor and help tame certain elements of the room, balancing out the space.


Choosing a rug for the bedroom is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Knots Rugs suggest that having a rug in your bedroom gives softness underfoot, warms up a room generally; it can give a feeling of elegance and sophistication, calmness and peace. It may be the last step to harmoniously tie your bedroom together.