Can you spot the living coral pattern bedding?

Here at The Original Bed Co., we love a good brainteaser. For that reason, we created this fun puzzle.
As we adore our Iron beds, we decided to create a puzzle featuring an ‘ocean’ of them, with lovely bedding, which as you notice is in living coral colour – the Pantone colour of 2019. But can you spot which bedding also has a living coral pattern? It’s only one there! Tricky isn’t it!

The fastest in the team at The Original Bed Co. HQ picked it out in 15 seconds.

(High Resolution Image)

Here is a little hint, focus on the bottom left corner.

Still nothing? Don’t worry – you can have a scroll down and see the reveal version.

(High Resolution Image)

So, how long did it take you? Let us know by getting in touch with us on twitter (@originalbeds) or instagram (@originalbeds).