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Four Poster Beds

A four poster bed frame is ideal for those who want their bed to be the star attraction of their fairy tale bedroom, whether it be a classic or a modern design in metal or wood

Custom sizes

Change the dimension of your 4 poster bed to suit you

Custom colors

Don't like black or white four poster beds? Choose your own color

Storage options

Underbed storage available for our four poster bed designs

5 year warranty

Our 4 poster beds are hand made and designed to last

Iron four poster beds

From  $1510
39" 54" 60" 76" 72"
From  $1300
39" 54" 60" 76" 72"
From  $1170
39" 54" 60" 76" 72"

Wooden four poster beds

From  $1700
From  $1700

About our Four Poster Bed Frames

The romantic appeal of the four poster bed frames has long been recognised within the furniture landscape and the history of the British Isles. In the often cold and draughty high ceilings of the bed chambers of the time, heavy drapes provided more than just an aesthetic appeal as they would have been drawn at night for warmth and privacy; not to forget, to keep bugs out. Nowadays, people are drawn to four poster beds for the imposing aesthetic they lend to a bedroom.

Whilst the design of the four poster beds have changed with the times, the structure of the four poster remained largely unaltered through the centuries. Four vertical posts rise from the corners of the bed to support a canopy frame. From the canopy one can hang drapes or curtains.

Is a four poster bed for me?

Four poster iron bed in Black
Four poster wood bed in Cherry

While everyone knows about four poster beds, rarely do people consider it because of their perception of expensive and cumbersome beds. While they used to work well only in larger rooms, modern four poster beds with slimmer overall design and less 'meaty' legs work well even in apartments and smaller rooms. So if you're interested in a four poster bed then you have to few points to consider.

  • The bed is going to be the centre of your room. Your statement piece. If that's something you want four poster beds are a really good fit for you.
  • Your room is going to look smaller than it is unless you have a very large room. Are you willing to compromise on the feeling of space in your bedroom? You don't actually lose usable space with slimmer modern four poster beds they still make small rooms looks smaller.
  • Height is an issue sometimes and it just doesn't look right if the bed is almost to the ceiling. Some 4 poster beds can be customised so you can get around this issue.

If you like the romance and grandeur of a four poster bed and can get take into account the interior design challenges which come with them, then a four poster bed is definitely for you.

Are four poster beds popular?

Four poster beds are quite popular because of their ability to transform the bedroom design. They are a favorite amongst interior designers. A lot of inspirational bedroom decors include the amazing display of the ever dramatic four poster bed!

What colors are your four poster beds?

We have various designs available as four poster beds made of various materials including natural wood, painted wood and metal. We usually stock our metal four poster beds in black, white and ivory. Black four poster beds are the most popular. Our wooden beds come with a white or dark cherry finish. Our four poster iron bed frame designs can also include some upholstered fabric panels. These panels add much needed blocks of color and patterns to the imposing stature of the bed.

What sizes are four poster beds available in?

Our four poster beds are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. Mostly popular for larger rooms, the king size and California king size are the more popular sizes. Queen four poster bed frames are now also becoming more common. Especially with newer interior ideas which help the large bed be the centre of the bedroom but not in an over imposing manner.

Can I purchase a four poster bed for a small room?

It all depends on your ideal bedroom and the style you want. If you want the bed to be a statement piece around which all decor of your bedroom revolves, go for it! It can actually help you make your room feel less cluttered and more functional, i.e. more sleep space to relax and less need for accessories. If you think this style is too dominant or if your bedroom is quite small, you can have a loot at our other types of beds. You can also check out our blog on small bedroom ideas to get some inspiration if you have a small bedroom.

What customizations are available for our four poster bed frames?

You can customize the colours of your choice for painted finishes of our metal four poster bed frames apart from the standard and premium colours. Need a black iron poster bed for a cabin rustic theme bedroom? Maybe a kelly green iron poster bed for a retro theme? We got you. Our colour matching service allows your bed to be painted in any colour from Dulux, Farrow & Ball, English Heritage Collection, Little Greene, Sanderson or Paint & Paper. We also provide upholstered fabric panels for the Waterloo and Reims four poster beds which enable you to design your bedroom in a more personalised way.

We can customize sizes if you want to alter the height or width for specific four poster bed frames. There is a charge of 20% of the value of the bed (with a minimum of £79) for any customizations. Call us and we will try our best to cater to your specific needs.

Are storage options available for our four poster beds?

Our metal four poster beds are available with an additional option of underbed storage for an extra cost. The storage drawers have a black frame and a grey cloth bag. They sit under the frame of the bed and slide in and out on bearings. Each drawer has a dimension of 120cm x 54cm x 16cm and is capable of carrying upto 30kgs.

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