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Low footend beds

Arran low footend bed in a antique brass finish - Thumbnail
Arran Low Footend
From  $1929
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"


Boyne bed in a brass finish - Thumbnail
From  $2699
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"
Braemore bed in a brass finish - Thumbnail
From  $2189
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"
Waterford bed in a brass finish - Thumbnail
From  $2059
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"
Arran brass bed - Thumbnail
From  $1929
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"
Blyth bed in a brass finish - Thumbnail
From  $1419
54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"
Kendal bed in a brass finish - Thumbnail
From  $1289
36"x75" 54"x75" 60"x78" 72"x78"

About our Brass Bed Frames

Today, a bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom that dominates the décor of a bedroom. Traditional brass beds have been around since the Victorian era. Brass is the combination of copper and zinc. Its best advantage lays in its strength, resistance to corrosion and formability. This makes it a material favoured for products with a long-life. It is also possible to melt down to recycle and reuse.

Our brass bedstead range from classic romantic French to elegant and curvy antique Victorian. These are suitable to country cottages or old victorian city builds. We also have some frames which have a more contemporary minimalistic style, which are suited to more modern homes.

The Original Bed Co is proud of it’s skills that have been developed through generations of expertise to hand craft brass beds. Unlike other brass bed frames, ours headboard and footboard and made of pure brass tubes and pure brass castings. In this modern day it is rare to find pure brass among bed manufacturers, who have moved to using electroplated brass tubes rather than pure brass all the way through. The tubes and castings are antiqued and then protected with a clear protective lacquer to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the frame and are maintainence free. Even if the lacquer wears away with age your brass bed can be cared for by using a metal polishing agents available in most hardware stores.

What brass bed sizes are available?

Our range of brass beds come in most british sizes including single, double, king and super king. For more information visit our bed sizes page.

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