Brass beds & bed frames made from pure brass by The Original Bed Co.
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Brass Beds

Our solid brass bed frames are hand made from pure brass using traditional techniques which will make a grand statement in your room like no other type of bed. Shop from our collection of handcrafted brass beds. Our brass beds are made with brass pipes and castings. They are hand assembled, polished and lacquered for a truly unique bed frame.

Brass bedsteads

From  €2609
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
From  €2129
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
From  €2009
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
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4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
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4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
From  €1539
3'0" 4'6" 5'0" 6'0"

Low footend brass beds

From  €1899
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"

About our Brass Bed Frames

Today, a bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom that dominates the décor of a bedroom. A brass bed is indeed quite the unique centrepiece, well worth its price. Traditional brass beds have been around since the Victorian era.

Brass is the combination of copper and zinc. Its best advantage lays in its strength, resistance to corrosion and formability. This makes it a material favoured for long lasting hand made products. It is also possible to melt down to recycle and reuse.

Our brass bedstead range suit a variety of bedroom styles. From classic romantic French to elegant and curvy antique Victorian to country cottages or even old Victorian city builds. We also have some frames which have a more contemporary minimalistic style, ideal for modern homes.

Why are pure brass beds better than brass plated beds?

The Original Bed Co is proud of its skills that have been developed through generations of expertise to hand craft brass beds. Unlike other brass bed frames, the headboards and footboards of our hand made brass bed frames and made of pure brass tubes and pure brass castings.

In this modern day it is rare to find beds made of pure brass. Even if you search for them. Most brass bed manufacturers have moved to designs using electroplated brass tubes rather than pure brass all the way through. A brass bed company making traditional brass beds is truly unique.

This is the main reason our brass bed frames are more expensive than other beds which only have a brass finish. However, we do consider this an investment and a pure brass bed frame should keep its value over time.

Arran iron bed casting Intricate casting details of a brass bed frame

How to take care of your brass bed?

The tubes and castings are antiqued and then protected with a clear protective lacquer to prevent oxidation and deterioration of the frame and are maintainance free. Over time, the brass will tarnish naturally even with a protective coating but it should take more than a few years.

Even if the lacquer wears away with age your brass bed can be cared for by using metal polishing agents available in most hardware stores. Brass beds that are made to last should be a permanent fixture in your home for a long time if taken care of.

We have more information on how to take care of your brass beds in an article on our blog.

Antique brass finish for brass beds Antiqued brass finish

How to clean a lacquered brass bed?

Lacquer protects your brass bed frame from corroding over time, hence it is important to clean a lacquered brass bed with agents which won't strip away the lacquer. We recommend cleaning your brass bed with a dry towel regularly.

Avoid using any soaps but if there is a stubborn stain then a damp towel with lightly soaped water is the recommended solution. It is important to clean a brass bed regularly as even oils and sweat can start removing the lacquer which will then start corroding your brass bed.

How to polish an antique brass bed?

For an unlacquered brass bed Brasso or any other metal polishing compound is the best way to remove tarnish and restore the shine to a brass bed. If there is a lot of tarnish then it can take a long time to get a sheen to your bed.

In these cases using a non scratch scour pad to take away the bulk of the tarnish and then polishing with a metal polishing compound is the best way to bring a brass bed back to life. This is the usual way of polishing brass furniture and a brass bed is no different.

How are your brass beds delivered?

We deliver our brass beds flat packed to your door. Our beds are securely packaged so that they aren't damaged during shipping to you. We're extra careful with our brass beds as they are heavier than most of our other beds.

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