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Springs and Fillings

Springs & Fillings

Sourced from world leading manufacturers based in the UK.

All natural ticking

All natural ticking

Safe, breathable and naturally comforting cotton ticking.

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All mattresses available from stock.

Hand made in the United Kingdom

Handmade in UK

Handmade in the United Kingdom to our specifications.

Juno Original

Comfortable, man made fillings
1000 Pocket springs
Soft white fibre
100% Cotton ticking
From  €389

Juno Cotton

Comfortable with natural fillings
1300 Pocket springs
Soft white fibre, Cotton & Wool
100% Cotton ticking
From  €449

Juno Silk

More springs & fillings, more comfort
1400 Pocket springs
Cotton, wool, bamboo & silk fibres
100% Cotton ticking
From  €609

Juno Cashmere

The best in natural comfort
1500 Pocket springs
Cotton, wool, bamboo, cashmere & horse hair fibres
100% Cotton ticking
From  €719