Brass Beds

An Original Bed Co. brass bed frame is a rare pure brass frame hand made with traditional techniques which will make a grand statement in your room like no other type of bed

Custom sizes

Change the dimension of your brass bed frame to suit you

100% Brass

No electroplation here, only 100% brass tubes and brass castings

Storage options

Underbed storage available for our brass bed designs

5 year Warranty

Our brass beds are hand made and designed to last

Low footend beds

Arran Low Footend brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹104499   ₹88399
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"


Boyne brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹131599   ₹111399
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
Braemore brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹111899   ₹94599
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
Waterford brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹106499   ₹90099
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
Arran brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹104499   ₹88399
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
Blyth brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹91099   ₹76999
4'6" 5'0" 6'0"
Kendal brass bed - Thumbnail
From  ₹76499   ₹64699
3'0" 4'0" 4'6" 5'0" 6'0"

What makes our iron beds & metal bed frames special?

Iron beds are mostly valued for their durability, stylish elegance, cost effective features and versatility. Their ever lasting design means you can pass one down from generation to generation. Cast and wrought iron bed frames were introduced at the end of the 19th century, in the Victorian age. Vintage iron bed frames were handmade from pouring the iron and polishing detailed castings to the last finishing touches. The Original Bed Co has been working with these traditional techniques for the last 20 years. Till today we produce beautifully handcrafted metal bed frames. Each of our beds is hand cast with attention to every little detail.

Athalone iron bed casting

Paris iron bed casting

While there are a lot of cheaper metal bed frames in the Indian market, our bed frames are designed to be sturdy and built to last. Our beds are better engineered, can withstand more weight and last longer all the while having better fit and finish. Our packaging is designed to endure the journey from us to your home.

What are your metal bed sizes?

Most of our metal bed frames are available as single (90cm x 190cm), double (135cm x 190cm), queen (150cm x 200cm) and king (180cm x 200cm) sizes. Some beds are available in less common sizes such as small single (75cm x 190cm) and small double (120cm x 190cm). Metal bed frames are popular all over the world and our beds are made in a variety of sizes to suit the customers needs. Some of our frames are adapted for European sizes as well. These sizes include 90cm x 200cm, 140cm x 190cm, 140cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm.

Iron and brass beds finish

Our iron bed frames are painted in a durable powder coated finish that is designed to withsand the daily rigours of life. Some also mix the painted iron with brass finials, the contrast each metal brings lifting the overall look of the bed. All our brass is hand casted which is then antiqued and then lacquered with a durable protective coating. These brass parts can be usually replaced for either a chromed finish or a painted finish as well.

What colours are metal bed frames available in?

Iron bed frames are available in traditional colours such as black, >white, ivory, silver or pewter. They can also be painted in bespoke colours such as baby blues, powder pinks or aquamarine greens. Black metal bed frames, ivory metal bed frames and white wrought iron beds are the most popular.

Satin black finish for metal beds

Satin black

Glossy ivory finish for metal beds

Glossy ivory

Satin white finish for metal beds

Satin white

Pewter finish for metal beds


Silver finish for metal beds


Low iron bed frames

In the today's day where space is at a premium. Our low metal bed frame range with lower footends allows a better use of space in smaller rooms. While low bed frames growing in popularity, our higher footend iron bedsteads are still very popular. The higher end bedsteads are particularly suited to more traditional settings like a cottage or a farmhouse decor.

What are your cast iron beds storage options?

Metal frame beds make it easier to use the space under the bed as storage. Using wicker baskets or rolling drawers is a clean and convenient storage option. The Original Bed Co. also has a underbed drawer storage option is available to fit on all our metal bed range. This storage option is designed for winter clothes, bed linen, pillows and other soft furnishings. The storage drawers run on rollers and are raised off the ground which makes it easier to clean underneath our iron beds.

Are metal beds durable?

Iron beds are more portable than other types of bed frames. For people who tend to move often metal beds survive moves better than wooden or upholstered beds. Metal which has been painted with our durable finish is able to withstand more punishment than wood and won’t rip like upholstery. Dismantling and assembling our metal bed will, also, not compromise their life in any way.

How do I take care of my metal bed frames?

Maintenance of an iron bedstead is relatively easy, it should be kept clean and as dry as possible. A dry cloth can be used to wipe down the frame every so often to keep it dust free. An iron bed frame will not stain easily and any spills can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth. Tightening the bolts yearly also makes sure it never squeaks.

Iron bed slatted frame

Our metal framed beds come with a slatted frame which are suitable for use with most types of mattresses. We usually only quote water beds as an exception. If your mattress has some special requirements as prescribed by the manufacturer you may get in touch with us and we will be able to guide you on the suitability of your mattress.

Other bed types

We also have other bed categories which you may like to see like our four poster beds, wood beds or brass beds.

Delivery of The Original Bed Company metal beds in India

We deliver our iron beds across India, including all majour cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkatta with our delivery partners (FedEx). In addition we also deliver to many other cities and rural areas as long as our delivery partner has service in the area. If you have any doubts in delivery to your location, get in touch with us and we will be able to give you specifics for delivery to your area.

Our delivery includes delivery to your floor upto the 1st floor if there is no lift/elevator. We do not charge any extra delivery charges other than what is shown while you are ordering. If you are levied any extra charges by our delivery partners then please get in touch with us and we will make sure these are waived.

Assembly of our iron beds

Our beds are delivered flat packed and will need to be assembled in India. We do not provide assembly as standard. We do provide all tools and hardware required to assemble your product along with easy to follow instructions. We are also available to guide you through any assembly. You may find local services or online services which should be able to assemble our products with relative ease. You do not need a carpenter.