Free Paint & Fabric Samples

We send free samples of the finish of our metal beds and fabrics that we use for our upholstered beds. To receive a sample please email us @ with the names of the finishes/fabrics you are interested in along with your name and address and we shall send the samples within 2-3 days.

Fabric Samples

Standard Fabrics

Our standard fabrics are a 100% cotton fabric which have been FR treated to comply with upholstery regulations.

Natural Fabric - Thumbnail
Straw Fabric - Thumbnail
Grey Fabric - Thumbnail
Wedgewood Fabric - Thumbnail
Royal Blue Fabric - Thumbnail
Royal Blue
Aubergine Fabric - Thumbnail

Romo Linara Fabrics

At an additional cost you can get any fabric from the Romo Linara range. The range is a 100% natural blend of cotton and linen and available in a vast range of colours that is available to view here. Email us with the names of the colours you are interested in and we will get samples mailed to you.

Iron/Metal Bed Samples

Our metal bed frames are coated with a layer of heat cured paint to give a durable long lasting finish which adhears to the surface of the metal.

Satin Black Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Satin Black
Glossy Ivory Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Glossy Ivory
Satin White Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Satin White
Pewter Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Glossy Silver Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Glossy Silver
Silver Patina Paint Finish - Thumbnail
Silver Patina