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Create your perfect bedroom
Each person's dream bedroom is different, and at the OBC, our mission is to help people create their bedroom. We can make beds to your needs, whether it's customising colour, fabrics or size of your bed. Make your bedroom a reality with our help.

About us?

We've been making beds and mattresses for 30 years

We fell into making beds and mattresses by a happenstance, but now we've been making them for 30 years. In that time we've become good at making well made, well designed products which are built to last.

We take pride in making products that help people realise the home of their dreams. We know that each person is unique and their perfect bedroom is not always the same. Our aim is to provide the platform which helps you create your sanctuary at home.

Traditional craftmanship

To achieve our goals of making build to last products, our range of beds and mattresses are traditionally handcrafted in our workshops. All of our products are made with the highest quality materials.

Our iron and brass beds are made with thick tubing, giving them exceptional strength. We still use traditional castings on our iron beds which makes them sturdier and, of course, prettier.

Heavy cast brass is used in the construction of our brass beds and the embellishment of our iron beds. This brass is machined and hand polished with fine abrasives and rouges, then given a deep patina and sealed with a lacquer.

Well made, well designed

Our team has the skills to design and build a bed for your perfect bedroom. We've been making beds and mattresses for quite some time now and only sell products that are built to last.

With our experience we've created bed frames which are unique in their features. Like multiple height settings for our iron beds and no plastics used in our slat holders.

Our bed frames have not only all passed the British Standard (BS1725) certifications, but greatly surpass the benchmarks of those certifications.

Exceptional warranty

We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our products. If there are any problems with your product during this time, we've got you covered. You can send us an email with your order details and we will send out the necessary parts without requiring you to register your product.

We make an effort to support our products for as long as we can, even after your warranty expires. If you've lost a bolt, or broken a part we'll offer replacement parts at a cost to keep your bed up and serviceable.

Great service

Our service is designed with our customers needs in mind. We want our products and ordering process to be frustration free.

We offer fast and flexible deliver so that you're least inconvenienced. Our products have generous no questions asked return gaurantees and trial periods.

When things go wrong you can grab us on the phone or write us an email whichever you prefer. We'll try and go the extra mile to make you happy.


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