The top fluffy bit

Our blend of fibre work to cocoon your body and relieve pressure points for a refreshing and relaxed sleep. Additionally, most of the fibre is in our replaceable topper to prevent settling.


The core

The long travel springs inside have a supportive role and protect your body from bad posture and spinal misalignment in the night.


Your Perfect Mattress

Our Zero Gravity and Levitate mattresses are available in 5 firmness levels with a subtle balance of gentle support and softness to maintain a body’s equilibrium throughout the night.

Pocket Springs

Each extra long spring used is made of a highest grade spring steel, protected by a fine layer of copper and individually wrapped in their own pure cotton calico pocket.

Comfort Filling

The comfort layers are comprised of interleaved layers of our special blend of man made fibre and small comfort springs for a balance of plushness and longetivity.

Natural Materials

Every mattress comes with a replaceable pure cotton or wool topper, which not only enhances the cocooning and cradelling effect but also protects the mattress from stains.

Divan Bases (or box springs)

Box springs are beds in themselves, fitted with lashed extra long bonnel springs to add extra support. Box springs are essential for ultimate comfort.