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Mattress comfort and specifications have moved on in leaps and bounds over the course of the past few decades.

Although the basic principle of the mattress, as a comfortable support for restful sleep has not changed, the introduction of sophisticated manufacturing techniques and new materials such as memory foam has significantly transformed the sleeping sensation.

In this modern time, we are spoilt by the wealth of mattress specifications and quality of product available and gone are the days of the 19th century when our ancestors might have slept upon mattresses stuffed with horse hair, beech leaves, pine shavings or even dried seaweed to name but a few!

Unsurprisingly, none of these variations ever provided a comfortable solution and despite unhealthy associations, the feather bed remained the most popular mattress filling until the use of metal springs as the basic structure of mattresses became durable and reliable.

Even with the introduction of metal wire into the sleeping equation, it was not until the turn of the century that most problems associated with this new concept in mattress design were fully eradicated.

Anyone familiar with the discomfort of broken or escaping springs in a mattress will understand the engineering dilemmas that manufacturers of the time might have faced.

These days the only dilemma is likely to be one of choice amongst the bewildering specifications on offer.

It is a problem that we recognise and accordingly our new mattress collection has been developed with a simple quality ethos in mind.

Namely, a fabulous range of high specification mattresses which is developed to be used in perfect partnership with our bedsteads and ideally suited to our slatted base options, or alternatively for use on other bases should it be desired.

Throughout the design process, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that each model, regardless of price and specification, conforms to our principles of classic artisanship and it is only by developing and manufacturing every mattress in-house, can we ensure complete quality control at every point of the process.

Moreover, we source only the finest components, spring assemblies, and the cont.........