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Contemporary Metal Beds

... conformity and precise dimensional accuracy.

Where it is a feature of the design, hand poured molten aluminium is then used to create the decorative castings that give each bedstead or headboard, immense strength and rigidity and its own unique character.

Once the castings are set we remove any burrs and imperfections by filing before subjecting the frame to a shot blasting process that prepares the metalwork for the painting stage.

After a further rigorous quality inspection the bed ends are hung from a moving track and enter the spray booth, where a quality powder coating is applied at very high temperatures before being baked in ovens to ensure a super hard and resilient lustrous finish.

Further quality checks will follow before any additional paint highlighting processes or ornamentation is added to the bed, if this is an integral feature.

These painstaking but time-honoured processes result in a bedstead of immense style and unquestionable durability. When partnered with one of our bed base options, be that a quality sprung beech slatted base, a universal frame, surround frame or support frame , the result is a bedstead of great strength and manufacturing integrity that promises a lifetime of trouble-free service.

And our passion for quality equally extends to the packaging methods that we use to ensure that your Modern Bed arrives in the very same pristine condition as the moment that it left our factory.

A combination of heavy-duty heat-sealed shrink-wrap and tough corrugated boxing ensure that the vagaries of onward handling need be of no concern, even for worldwide shipping requests.

Such attention to detail is testimony to our manufacturing and customer service values in a world where mass production and ubiquity is often the norm.

Please discover a wealth of solutions and some truly modernist style inspiration to pander to any room setting or architectural demand with a gently inviting understated elegance.