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There has undoubtedly been a shift in recent years to more contemporary design trends, and this more minimalist approach to the home has had a significant impact on bedrooms.

One has only to notice the new-build developments, certainly here in the UK, to realise that so much of today s architecture is drawing on influences from all around Europe and Scandinavia for a truly clean cut exterior theme that extends to the interior design.

This is particularly true of contemporary apartments and modern glassy city townhouses where the look works particularly well within a complementary environment although can be as equally effective when approached with design sympathy to work in harmony in more traditional architectural situations.

This agreeable mix of old and new can work equally and often surprisingly well in the bedroom where many a traditional bed design can look strikingly modern in the right setting, their basic contours suited to the obsession for clean lines and the simple decorative themes that we associate with the minimal urban aesthetic.

However here, we are primarily concerned with contemporary metal beds and their incorporation within the modern home, whether that might be the architecture mentioned here or more quirky settings such as converted lofts, disused churches or barns or an industrial relic.

Such spaces often present the most effective of contemporary architectural verve and provide a truly open plan and inspirational setting for any number of modern bed designs with no constraints for the imagination.

Whilst this particular luxury might not be the norm, particularly in some of the smaller modern bedrooms common to our modern age, it is worth reflection and certainly worth an open mind when it comes to your eventual selection of contemporary bedstead, as a less obvious design choice might actually prove to be the most pleasing.

Our eclectic range of Modern Beds is well documented within these pages, and whether your wish is for a clear-cut minimalist design, a more gently inviting feminine bed with softly sweeping lines or something truly sophisticated from our Nickel and Chrome collection, there really is a modern metal bed here for every taste and budget.

From a manufacturing viewpoint we use steel as the metal of choice (please refer to Nickel and Chrome link for construction detail) which we cut to length and then weld using a heavy metal jig as a template to ensure cont.........