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Iron Beds

.... As with their brass counterparts the manufacturing heart of this period would have been concentrated in the west Midlands and Birmingham in particular, where almost 90% of all iron beds would have started their lives.

At the onset of the Crimean war in 1854 Florence Nightingale focussed the eyes of the nation on health issues like never before.

The popularity of the “Health Bed” as it was termed, that was less prone to harbour bed bugs and germs than its wooden predecessors, only added to huge popularity.

And so it was that by the 1870s production was at its peak, sustaining hundreds of foundries throughout this area of England as the manufacturing revolution and an appetite for these eclectic and health enhancing designs continued undiminished.

Sadly, in post-war early 20th century years, the mass production methods that had been created for war time affected the iron bed industry too. Hand made quality was traded for time and cost- effective quantity production, which in turn led to the demise of several smaller bespoke foundries.

And yet, in this modern age, the allure of the cast iron bed lives on as we strive to recreate those classic originals with the same verve and passion that would have been the driving force all those years ago.

These days it is steel which is the preferred metal of choice, which we cut to length and then weld using a heavy metal jig as a template to ensure conformity and precise dimensional accuracy.

Hand poured molten aluminium is then used to create the decorative castings which give each and every metal bedstead or headboard, immense strength and rigidity and its own unique character.

Once the castings are set we remove any burrs and imperfections by filing before subjecting the raw frame to a shot blasting process which prepares the metalwork for the next procedure which is the painting stage. After a further rigorous quality inspection the bed ends are hung from a moving track and enter the paint booth, where a quality powder coating is applied at very high temperatures before being baked in ovens to ensure a super hard and resilient lustrous finish.

Further quality checks will follow before any ornamentation is added to the bedstead. Many of our traditional designs feature antique brass cont.........