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Four-poster Beds

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Four-poster Beds

....The health benefits of these new and innovative designs had also become widely recognised as lacking the scourge of the bed bug and germ harbouring qualities of their wooden predecessors.

The four-poster version of the Iron Bedstead became widely popular although would have almost certainly been the preserve of wealthier clientele or the nobility.

Indeed, during these revolutionary Victorian times, the Four Poster Bed was considered a status symbol as had been the case across so many centuries dating right back to those medieval forefathers.

Such materialism resulted in some wonderfully expressive designs, often incorporating brass, mother of pearl and porcelain ornamentation, to achieve a truly decadent look.

Invariably commissioned by the purchaser, these pieces of bespoke furniture would have been greatly cherished and handed down from generation to generation.

The quality of craftsmanship that accompanied the endemic spirit of invention of the era, have ensured that many still survive today.

Moreover, in this modern age, the romantic allure of the Four Poster bed lives on as we strive to recreate those classically timeless originals with the same verve and passion that would have been the driving force all those years ago.

These days it is the steel that is the preferred metal of choice; it is cut to length and then weld using a heavy metal jig as a template to ensure conformity and precise dimensional accuracy.

Hand poured molten aluminium is then used to create the decorative castings which give each and every metal Four Poster, immense strength and rigidity and its own unique persona.

Once the castings are set we remove any burrs or imperfections by filing before subjecting the raw frame to a shot blasting process which prepares the metalwork for the painting stage of manufacture.

After a further rigorous quality inspection the bed ends are hung from a moving track and enter the paint booth, where a quality powder coating is applied at very high temperatures before being baked in ovens to ensure a super hard and resilient lustrous finish.   cont.........