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Wooden Beds

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Wooden Beds

.... perhaps Art Deco inspired creations are equally appealing as is the rustic Country look for a softer, altogether less elaborate bedroom mood.

Drawing on many of these style influences, we are justifiably very proud of our new Wooden Beds and accessories collection.

For here, you will find no production lines or mass production techniques, which are all too common in this fast moving modern age.

Instead, we maintain the established traditions of master craftsmen deploying the same age-old carpentry skills that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Moreover by selecting and working with only the very finest base materials, we ensure that every bed that leaves our workshops will give a lifetime of pleasure.

Meticulous use of kiln-dried hardwood timbers and laboriously applied veneers assures lifetime beauty, stability and strength.

Walnut, cherry wood and mahogany are just some of the finishes of choice that we cure with an oil-based formula which remains faithful to a mixture perfected in the 18th century.

Only by adhering to these traditional uncompromised principles, we make sure of achieving the inherent beauty of finish and form which is the hallmark of all true classics.

True we believe, to the legacy of the noble ancestry of those forerunners from across the centuries and with the very same invitingly captivating qualities to stir the heart and mind.