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Wooden Beds

Wood Beds has for centuries been a part of British and indeed, global history.

In fact, the two are intrinsically linked and references to the bed and its importance as a part of everyday life can be traced as far back as Saxon times.

During this early period of history, the bed would have been little more than a simple wooden platform with the most basic of bedding for some degree of comfort.

With the passing of the centuries, the wooden bed took on far greater importance as a symbol of wealth and power, rather than being considered a purely functional item.

Slowly but inexorably the wooden bed evolved and whilst the warmer enclosed more elaborate designs still remained the preserve of the wealthy, the concept of the bed as a progression from sleeping on the floor became available to humbler folk.

By the time of the Stuarts and Tudors the bedstead had taken on huge importance, and within houses of the nobility would have been the most important piece of furniture in the house.

The magnificent Four Poster Beds of this era bear testimony to the reverence in which the bedstead was held and in the late 16th century, Queen Elizabeth commissioned possibly the grandest of them all.

In subsequent years our love and affection for the Wooden Bed has continued undiminished and for many wood remains the definitive material of choice to create the most evocative of bedroom settings.

Changing fashions and bedroom design trends across the centuries have left us with a simply wonderful legacy of wooden bed styles, which we are able to emulate today.

Although we continue to have a very special affinity with those quintessentially British designs from periods spanning many generations, there can be no doubt on the huge influence that French design had on the furniture scene.

Louis Philippe lit bateau styling and Versailles inspired Louis X1V bed designs cannot fail to stir the emotions as they hint at more than a touch of sensuality and decadence.

Rococo styles of the 18th century are no less expressive and embrace a captivating and undoubtedly romantic period of history.

Georgian and more recent Empire designs and contemporary Shaker or cont.........