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Upholstered Beds

Enjoy the allure and ornate splendour of our unmistakably French inspired Louis X1V style Upholstered Beds.

The palace of Versailles has influenced many such styles and our small but beautiful collection is no exception.

Luxuriate in the playful romance of this era in expressive bedsteads which combine the rich textiles popular during this period with lovingly crafted wood frames in a medley of the finest hardwoods.

Drawing on these French Empire lines has allowed us to recreate the fabulous scrolled carving and rich patina that characterise all the antique originals held in such reverence today.

Such attention to fine detailing and the use of only the very best hand selected timbers ensures that our upholstered bedstead collection is truly second to none.

Effortlessly able to grace the most demanding classically inspired bedroom theme or simpler room styles where the bedstead is intended as the focal point and an opulent lifestyle statement.

Imagine lazy Sunday mornings here as we bring more than a little decadence into the homes of those with an eye for the finer things in life and a passion for invitingly timeless sophistication.