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Low foot-end Beds

The Low Foot End bed concept has actually been with us for centuries in wooden bedstead form as great periods of austerity across the generations would have dictated the use of very basic sleeping arrangements for all but the privileged few.

Metal bedstead successors during the Victorian era were often very basic in style also, particularly when destined for schools, hospitals or servants quarters. Although these designs often possessed an undoubted simplistic charm most however still featured the high foot end characteristic that we associate with beds from this era for practical reasons and because this was accepted as the style of the time.

The introduction into our range of low foot end models was in demand to this design alternative that again is embraced by many for practical reasons but with an aesthetic eye also.

It goes without saying that many of our minimalist Modern Beds feature this characteristic as an integral part of their design features.

However, when the same styling changes are applied to a bedstead that is overtly traditional in form, the effect is rather inspiring.

Whilst there is no denying about the enduringly popular impressive proportions and stature of our high head and foot bedsteads for many homes in this modern age, a low foot end bed however offers many advantages where room size constraints and other practicalities are an issue.

Of equal importance is the fact that many people prefer the style and character of these low foot counterparts where reduced dimensions and a less dominant bearing is greatly appealing and perhaps more harmonious with modern decorative and architectural demands. As such, these enticing creations are much in demand as a slightly different take on those more assertive evergreen traditional bedstead counterparts.

Whether your preference is for one of our Iron bedstead models in a choice of complementary colours, or perhaps a lustrous Antique Brass Bed design, the only difference that you will discover is that of reduced foot height characteristics.

For all this range is able to accept the various bed base options, be that a sprung beech slatted base, surround frame or support frame.

And of course, the very same attention to construction detail is evident here as we use the finest cont.........