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Leather Beds

There is certain exotic quality associated with leather beds. In historical terms, although we may not instantly recognise it, this is possibly due to classic deco style links of the early 1900s.

Indeed, far from being a modern creation, leather was used as the basis for much furniture of the age including of course, the ever-popular bedstead.

Art deco was in fact a decorative arts movement, but its innovative use of new materials and style went on to influence architecture, interiors and the furniture therein.

In fact, great change in interior decoration characterised this period between the two world wars.

The global depression was counter pointed by a clamour for return to glamour and fantasy, fuelled by the machine age and the availability of exciting new materials.

Hollywood had entered a new period of its own - the “golden age”, which further fostered a mood of decadence and seduction. Bedroom design took a cue from this new mood, often reflecting the fantasy and optimism of the era with lush fabrics and exotic woodwork and the expressive use of bronze and chrome.

Sumptuous leather was an integral part of this revolutionary time and found its way into many of the evocative pieces of the era with an assured and undoubtedly equally decadent influence.

Our new collection of handmade leather beds acknowledges the importance of this influential period in history as we present a selection of beautiful beds that draw on historical references with a modern day twist yet still exhibiting the cosseting and quietly romantic characteristics that we associate with this inviting material.

And whatever the style and personality of the individual designs, the single recurring constant remains our passion for manufacturing and component integrity.

Selecting only the best quality timbers to create the strongest frames, highest quality layered padding and the very softest leather hides, we use time honoured construction skills to fashion timeless leather bedsteads that leave our factory, destined to give pleasure and unstinting service for years to come.

In a modern age where mass production and ubiquity are too often the norm, it is this attention to detail cont.........