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King Size Beds

The concept of the bedroom as a retreat and sanctuary where we can escape from the bustle of the rest of our home and where we can relax, sleep and revive the spirit is a notion whose appeal becomes more pertinent as the pressures of modern life leave precious little time for quiet calm.

With often less sleeping hours at our disposal, the importance of creating a cosy and inviting space becomes all the more essential if we are to make the most of those blissful nocturnal hours and face the new day, refreshed and properly rested.

The bedroom was often disregarded within the context of the home as being the least public room in the house even though we spend one third of our lives there.

And whilst it is fundamental to our sense of wellbeing it is consequently often the last room that we attend to when decorating or choosing a harmonious design scheme, even though it may be the one place where certain key moments of or life occur.

Thankfully in more recent times, the importance of the bedroom and our need for quiet comfort and style is better recognised, be that primarily one of traditional elegance, country charm or a minimalist ascetic quality. Our design and decorating aspirations have steadily gained more momentum in this respect as the importance of the bedroom ambience is recognised and in empathy with this quest for comfort, it is not only the style of bed or bedstead that is crucial, but size considerations that should form an integral part of our decision making processes.

Where space permits, increasingly more people are opting for a larger bed with the consequential comfort levels that they provide.

After all, a king size 6ft bed affords two people the equivalent of a standard 3ft single size bed each, but the comfort and space provided is significantly greater than that to be found in a standard double 4.6ft bed which has been the default choice over the years.

A queen size 5ft bed remains an agreeable compromise, but when space allows, a king size bed is a truly sensible choice.

In response to growing demands, our diverse range of bedsteads features many models in king size format.

Whether your requirement is for a Traditional Iron Bedstead, a glamorous Antique Brass Bedstead, something more minimalist in sophisticated Nickel and Chrome or a Modern Classic, we have a king size bed style to suit every decorative theme and budget.

Invitingly comfortable and assuredly reliable to form the focal point of any soothing bedroom environment.