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Chrome Beds

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Chrome Beds

.....dextrous application of mirror perfect chrome.

Taking the highest quality steel tubing and solid brass components, we use a laborious buffing process to ensure that every piece of metalwork is flawless. Only when we are certain that an unblemished finish has been achieved do we subject the metal tubing and components to a several stage electroplating process, which results in the unmistakable look of lustrous chrome.

Precise assembly to exacting tolerances follows as the bedstead begins to take on a recognisable form and a characteristic identity of its own.

Stringent quality control processes at each stage ensure that our manufacturing principles are never compromised and a final coat of quality lacquer is then baked onto the finished piece to ensure extreme durability and a surface finish that will never oxidise or lose beauty with the passing of time.

It is only by remaining true to our work ethos and adhering to these painstaking procedures and attention to detail that we can be sure that every Chrome bedstead that leaves our factory will continue to inspire and delight for years to come.

When partnered with any one of our bed base options, whether a quality sprung beech slatted base, a universal frame, surround frame or support frame , the end result is a bedstead of great strength and integrity which should not be confused with inferior look-alikes.

Moreover, our passion for quality even extends to our packaging disciplines to ensure that your Chrome bedstead arrives with you in the very same pristine condition as the moment it left our factory.

A combination of heavy-duty heat-sealed shrink-wrap and tough corrugated boxing ensures that the vagaries of onward handling need be of no concern, even for worldwide shipping requests.

Such attention to detail is rather what sets us apart as a manufacturer of some of the worlds most captivating beds.

As we strive to capture the infectious spirit of a 1920s brave new design direction, we pay homage to an era with fabulous designs that gripped the imagination then as they might just do today.