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Chrome Beds

Chrome beds will invariably lead our imagination back to a groundbreaking time at the start of the last century when deco style was the new “must-have” within the western world.

Art Deco was, in fact, primarily a decorative arts movement although its innovative use of new and often exotic materials went on to influence architecture, interiors, and the furniture within.

It had all begun in France at the beginning of the century, where new materials from the French colonies were used to create lush bespoke pieces of furniture of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

By the time of the period of the 1920s and 1930s, a great shift in interior decoration styles was underway.

Sandwiched between two world wars, the worldwide depression was being counter pointed by a clamour for a return to glamour and fantasy, fuelled by the machine age and the availability of exciting new materials and finishes such as nickel and expressive chrome work.

In addition, as if in defiance to the global malaise, interior design embraced a mood of decadence and seduction that coincided with the golden age of Hollywood.

Hotels and public buildings followed the new look and bedroom design reflected the fantasy images served up by the movie houses.

Sumptuous fabrics and evocative reflective materials such as coloured glass, lustrous lacquer work and of course chrome metal were the order of the day, to be found on everything from bedsteads, complementary bedside tables and bedroom furniture to windows and doors.

When thrown together with chintzy bedspreads, wall decoration and drapes in animal prints or a leopard skin design, the effects achieved must have been little short of breathtaking.

Moreover, whilst the average contemporary bedroom setting of more recent times, might not pander quite as readily to the excesses of that bygone era, we still like to believe that we have captured something of the emotion of the deco movement with our inspired range of chrome bedsteads.

Whether traditional in style or invitingly minimalist, this expressive collection is transformed by the cont.........