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... the slats not only ensures that a mattress of any specification including pocket sprung options can be used, but the health benefit of air circulation beneath the mattress is equally advantageous.

Most of our metal bedstead designs also feature two base height settings for extra versatility.

Depending upon the style of bedstead and the sleeping height and visual look desired, this extra feature is enduringly desirable.

For all our painted metal beds we colour match the base metalwork to co-ordinate with the bed head and foot ends.

In the case of Antique Brass or Nickel and Chrome designs, the base structure is supplied in a satin black finish.

Universal frame:

Whenever a slatted base frame is desired but the foot end of the bedstead is not, because of space or style wishes, to be used, then a universal frame is the answer.

The specification here is identical to that of our standard slatted base with the exception of the foot end configuration where two adjustable height corner support legs are supplied to perform the role that would normally be provided by the foot end.

The versatility of two height settings is once again available with this base option (for most bedstead designs) and to create a less traditional, space intrusive theme, this remains an excellent choice.

Support frame:

The support frame configuration or “Vono” frame as it is also known is a less popular option, and although more traditional in concept, remains a comfortable and stylish alternative.

Bedsteads with this feature are supplied without wooden slats but with a support rail arrangement to accept a platform bed base and mattress combination.

Designed to be used at the lowest head and foot end height setting to achieve the correct sleeping height this is a pleasing alternative for the most traditional of Iron and Antique Brass bedsteads.

Surround frame:

Surround frame provides no support function at all. Instead, as the name suggests, it is designed to be used cont.........